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Planning a Destination Wedding in Bali? 10 Important facts

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For those planning to have a destination wedding in Bali there are some really important facts you need to know about before leaving Australia or your home country. Simply arriving there and expecting to tie the knot is foolish; there needs to be some serious planning involved and for this reason the team at Your Bali Wedding has compiled a list of important facts that you really need to read before you even think about a destination wedding in Bali

# 1: This might seem like a no brainer but you need to have a wedding planner to organise the event for you. Sure you can do it yourself in Australia but when it comes to a foreign country like Bali you are going to need a planner. Doing it yourself it a recipe for disaster – don’t even think about it. There are a hand full of really decent wedding planners in Bali so go online, do your research and make the contact. If you think you will save some money with a DIY approach, you are dreaming especially in Bali where there are many pitfalls and wedding scams going around.

# 2: You will need to call your Consular in Indonesia and see what legal documents are required. To be married legally in Bali, really depends on your country and their respective laws so make sure you call the consulate and get all the necessary documents in place before you leave home. Doing it in Bali can in some cases be too late, making the wedding null and void.

# 3: If you intend on having guests come along they will need accommodation organised. This is a huge area and you really need to work out whether they are going to stay in a villa or a hotel. The villa option is a really good idea as you can get some really large villas that can accommodate large groups of people in one place. Obviously, you are going to have your honeymoon in Bali so you can either choose to stay alone privately or with your guests in a villa. There are toes of options and your wedding planner will be able to hook you up with the best solution. A good tip here is to choose the area you like ( Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu or Ubud etc) and have everything nearby. Why? As you do not want to be stuck in traffic getting from place to place. Trust me when I tell you it can be a nightmare getting around. Preferably everything should be in 1 place.

# 4: Be realistic about budgets. Yes Bali is cheaper but your really need to have a decent budget if you expect to have a good experience. I know the type of weddings we help plan and they all range between the $10-$30 000 mark – this is a healthy budget and will get you a wedding with all the extras you could possibly want: cake, music, alcohol, venue, celebrant, flowers, food transport, dress etc. But, make sure you give us your ideal budget and we will customise a wedding based on this designed to give you and your guests the best possible experience.

# 5: What ever you do, please do not leave things to the last minute. Bali is a really popular destination and things especially hotels, villas, venues and plane flights get booked out, so make sure you get in well ahead and book 6-12 months in advance. There are NO good deals leaving it till the last minute. It will just stress you out even more.

# 6: Remember the rainy season is from November till March so if your planning and outdoor ceremony or reception it may very well rain, so keep this in mind. If you are limited by time, I would suggest and in door reception and ceremony in a villa. These are really popular and there are dozens of fabulous Bali wedding venues that we can recommend.

# 7: If your going to use a wedding planner do your research as stated previously there are a lot of dubious companies out there looking to make a quick buck on your behalf – don’t let it be you, especially on such an important day!

# 8: If your bringing your wedding dress from Australia speak to your airline before hand about how they are going to transport it. If you are particular about this it may have to go as special luggage,, but just double check in case.

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# 9: Take travel insurance – no need to explain this further.

# 10: Just enjoy yourself and have a good time. Try to get here a few days before so you can unwind and get used to the heat. Most of you have probably been to Bali before so you know what to expect but fort those newbie’s it is very hot so you will need some time to acclimate to the heat.

Hope this helps but if you need any other information we are here to answer any questions you may have about planning your perfect day.

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