Terms & Conditions


By agreeing to engage YBW to manage your Wedding Event you agree to accept that YBW will provide Event Management Services on the following Terms & Conditions:


Your Bali Wedding (“YBW”), will provide professional Event Management Services based on the wishes, requirements and arrangements agreed with the Client prior to the Event.

YBW’s Event Management Services include the engagement and management of third party suppliers of services and products (“Suppliers”).


YBW agrees to provide the following Event Management Services:

  • Unlimited face to face meetings with your Wedding Planner as needed
  • Provide access to the online planning lounge
  • Unlimited correspondence with your Wedding Planner as needed via the Planning Lounge
  • Scheduled phone calls and/or Skype monthly and fortnightly leading up to the Wedding
  • Sourcing of Wedding suppliers, products and services for all aspects of your Wedding ( including the following categories):
  • Venue booking and liaison
  • Civil or legal ceremony as agreed
  • Ceremony set-up
  • Ceremony Chairs
  • Cocktail Furniture
  • Dining Tables
  • Dining Chairs
  • Wedding Decorations: wedding décor, Floral Arrangements, Floor Lanterns, Welcome Table and Sign,
  • Pool Decorations, Customised Menu and Signage
  • Entertainment
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Assist with Venue selection and site tours as necessary.
  • Coordination and management of contracts, bookings, deposits and balance payments for Venues and Suppliers as listed above.
  • Coordination and management of all details relating to the Ceremony and Reception
  • Development of a Wedding Day Schedule and distribution to all participants and suppliers
  • Creating an agreed Style & Concept for your Wedding
  • Assistance with Floor Plans and Seating Arrangements
  • Provide a wedding website via the planning lounge
  • Provide budget management tools via the planning lounge
  • Detailed costing to keep track of the Wedding budget for above categories (and updates as changes occur)
  • Attendance and supervision at rehearsal if necessary – on setup day
  • Attendance and supervision on set-up day
  • Attendance and the supervision on the Wedding Day from set-up until Bridal Waltz (First Dance)
  • Pre and post Wedding event guidance
  • Provide information and assistance for guests’ accommodation and activities

The Client acknowledges that they will be responsible for arranging for any other products or services that are in addition to those listed above, unless otherwise agreed.


All of YBW’s preferred suppliers listed in our Planning Lounge are recommended by our team have been accredited with YBW as they consistently provide products or services of the highest standard.

Services that are part of a package, or complimentary, will be provided by YBW Suppliers and cannot be transferred or exchanged. If the Client wishes to change or add products or services, this will be at additional cost.

In the event that any Supplier’s services or products become unavailable, YBW will use its best efforts to source alternative services or products of a similar quality and price.

Any prices quoted by YBW will include all government taxes and charges.

If the Client wishes to engage external Suppliers this must be by prior agreement with YBW to ensure their services, safety and legal compliance meets YBW’s standards.

Any Suppliers engaged by the Client, must have appropriate working visas and agree to receive an induction on delivery, set-up and pack-down procedures.

Please note, any prices quoted by external Suppliers may be subject to additional taxes and charges.


The Event Management Fee is quoted in [Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)], [Australian Dollar (AUD)] or [United States Dollar (USD)] and is inclusive of any applicable government taxes.

All payments must be made in the same currency and for the same amount as specified in the invoice.

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa or Amex) or Cash (IDR, AUD or USD). No other payment methods are accepted.

Bank Transfer: All bank fees or charges are to be included in the total amount transferred.

NOTE: The Client will need to instruct their bank to ensure the invoiced amount is received by YBW.

Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa or Amex): Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% to 3.5% charge, depending on the type of card.

Cash: Payments can be made in IDR, AUD or USD (notes must be 2008 or newer, F Series or newer, and unmarked).



Payment of the Event Management Fee must be received seven (7) days after the invoice is issued to the Client.


Deposit: After the Suppliers’ services or products have been agreed with the Client, a Deposit of 50% of the Suppliers’ Fees will be due seven (7) days after the invoice is issued to the Client. Unless otherwise agreed by the supplier.

Balance Payment: The Balance Payment for all Suppliers’ Fees is required sixty (60) days prior to the Event. Unless otherwise requested by the supplier.


Where the Client wishes to later add additional or more expensive services and/or products to those specified in the Budget within seven (7) days of the wedding, cash or credit card payments are required for these expenses.  Changes within 2 days of the wedding will need to be paid in cash in IDR.


Any notification of the Client’s intention to re-schedule the Event must be provided in writing.

If for any reason, the Client wishes to re-schedule the Event to a different date a fee of $500 (AUD) will apply. YBW will agree to manage the Event at the cost originally quoted, provided it is re-scheduled to a date within three (3) months of the original date, subject to any increases in Supplier or Venue costs.

In the event that travel restrictions were imposed due to Coronavirus which prevented entry into Denpasar Airport or departures from home airports which would substantially affect the Wedding, YBW will assist you to re-schedule the Wedding to a suitable date within the following twelve (12) month period, and YBW will waive the usual $500 Re-Scheduling Fee. YBW will agree to manage the Event at the cost originally quoted, subject to increases in Supplier or Venue costs.

Where a Venue and/or Accommodation been booked with a Villa Management Company associated with YBW these may re-scheduled to the new dates, subject to the availability of the Venue and Accommodation within the following twelve (12) month period.

Where a Venue and/or Accommodation has been booked with a Villa Management Company not associated with YBW, or Hotel, the right to re-schedule will depend on the individual policies of those Management Companies and Hotels.


Any notification of the Client’s intention to cancel the Event must be provided in writing.

If for any reason, the Client wishes to cancel the Event, the Event Management Fee and Supplier’s deposits are non-refundable.

Where a Venue and/or Accommodation for your Wedding has been booked your right to any refund will depend on the individual policies of the Management Companies of the Venues, Villas and Hotels.

If for any reason, there is substantial default by the Client in payment of Suppliers’ Fees YBW may cancel the Event on the terms set out above.


YBW understands that your event is important to you and we will do our very best to ensure that everything is perfect, but we ask for your understanding in regards to matters which might fall beyond our control.

YBW will do its best to rectify any unforeseen problems which arise in the lead up or during the Event, but cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss, cost or disappointment to the Client or their guests arising from, or in connection with the Venue, Venue Management, Suppliers, the activities of unrelated third parties in the local area, adverse weather or other environmental conditions.

YBW (or the Venue) will not be liable for any kind of accidents or mishaps including but not limited to injury to Clients, guests, contractors, invitees or third parties, or for any injury or damage arising from any alcohol-related incidents.

The Client, guests, contractors, invitees and third parties are responsible for the safe keeping and storage of their personal belongings. The Client acknowledges that YBW (and the Venue) cannot be responsible for the loss of personal items including but not limited to valuables, cash, electronic devices or other equipment brought to the Venue.

In the event of an occurrence which would constitute a force majeure, including natural disasters, civil or military conflict, or other Acts of God or terror, neither YBW nor the Client shall be penalised or liable to the other and they shall act in good faith.


The Client agrees to provide a Security Deposit to be paid either by cash or Credit Card to cover loss or damage to the Venue. The Security Deposit will be refunded upon receipt from the Venue.

The Client agrees to pay for any loss or damage to the Venue caused by the Client, or their guests, invitees or associates by deduction from the Security Deposit. Payment for any loss or damage that exceeds the amount of the Security Deposit will be made within seven (7) days of receipt of the invoice for the cost to rectify the loss or damage sustained.

Intoxicated persons will not be served alcohol and may be removed from the Venue at YBW’s discretion. YBW will not permit the supply of alcohol to minors and reserves the right to have identification checked and service refused.

Indonesian law strictly prohibits drug use. Drug use will not be tolerated at any Venue and may result in immediate cancellation of the Event.

The Event must adhere to the set start and finish times outlined in the Run Sheet provided by YBW. In accordance with the conditions set by local authorities, Events must conclude by 11pm, unless otherwise agreed with the Venue.


The Client agrees to allow YBW exclusive use of photographic and video imagery from the Event for marketing purposes and authorizes YBW to obtain the photographs and video footage from their chosen vendor.

YBW is authorised to take photographs and/or short videos before, during and/or after the Event and YBW shall have complete ownership of the footage/images which may be used only for promotional purposes and digital marketing via social media. The Client understands the footage remains the property of YBW but may be made available to the Client on request.

Where there is more than one Client, these Terms & Conditions apply to the Clients jointly and severally.

These Terms & Conditions and their interpretation shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.