What we do for your bali wedding

What We Do for You

Book your Bali Wedding: you will be amazed how easy we make the whole process. No need to stress or worry, we are here to make the journey fun.

Our aim at Your Bali Wedding is for you to have to do as little as possible so you can enjoy what should be the best day of your lives. To help us achieve this, and to keep you informed at each and every stage of the wedding planning, we have an amazing planning lounge to support you and we have also developed a clear and simple-to-follow process that enables us to understand your needs and plan accordingly.


Respond to your enquiry

We take the time to understand what you’re after, what kind of wedding you’re dreaming of, your expectations and most importantly, your budget. Once a quote is a agreed upon you pay the planning fee, then we get to work planning & organising your Bali  wedding!


Two weeks prior

We send a final run sheet to all suppliers involved and confirm your guest list. All final elements of the booking are confirmed and double checked.


10 days prior

The layout and seating plan are finalised. We have make-up trials with you and prepare final arrangements for accommodation and rehearsals.


Wedding rehearsal/day prior

We run through a rehearsal of the wedding so that all parties know what to do, where to be and what will happen. We check, double check, triple check and check again!


Wedding Day

The wedding planning team at Your Bali Wedding will spend the entire day focused on the wedding, including final set-up of the venue, overseeing the decorations, coordination of suppliers and adherence to the rundown. All you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself – simple as that!


The following day

So the couple can start their lives together, we ensure all villas are cleaned and supplies removed prior to the couple returning to their villa.

When will you hear from us?

In the lead up to your wedding day, you can expect to hear from us frequently.

We have all your wedding details online in our planning lounge that you can access at any time. It’s completely private & only accessible by you. We are constantly updating the information on this, so you can see in real time the progress we are making on your wedding. Everything is clearly detailed here.

We will be having monthly planning calls and increasing the frequency as needed – we like to feel that we are contactable and available to answer any question you may have at all times. This is total security and comfort knowing we have your best wedding interests in mind.

We understand that communication is comforting and the key to making this day as easy and stress free as possible, this is why we are totally 100% committed towards consistent and informative contact at each and every stage of your wedding process.