1. Understand Bali's Unique Appeal for Weddings


Discover the perfect service for your dream wedding in Bali with Your Bali Wedding. Whether you’re seeking our Bespoke Wedding Planning for a fully customized experience, our cost-effective Wedding Packages, an intimate Elopement, or planning another special event, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs. Enjoy unlimited communication with our skilled planners, venue selection, vendor bookings, and more. Trust us to handle every detail, ensuring your celebration is as seamless as it is spectacular.



Bespoke Wedding Planning

This is the signature offering of Your Bali Wedding and the top choice for couples. This all-inclusive package ensures you receive the expertise of one of our Senior Planners, supported by a dedicated team, to make your wedding day perfect. From the initial concept to the final moment, we guarantee unlimited communication with access to the YBW Wedding Planning Lounge. Our full-service planning includes venue selection, vendor bookings, contract management, budgeting, styling, design, run sheets, site visits, and rehearsal coordination.


Wedding Packages

For those seeking both value and quality, our Wedding Packages are the perfect solution. These packages are crafted to provide a comprehensive planning experience with our skilled planners and their teams, while also being a more cost-effective option. You’ll receive the full range of services, including venue selection, vendor bookings, contracts, budgeting, styling, design, run sheets, site visits, and rehearsals, all with the flexibility of unlimited communication.



Designed for couples who desire a more intimate affair, our Elopement service ensures your Bali wedding is nothing short of magical. We handle all the details, allowing you to focus on each other. From venue selection to vendor bookings and styling, we’ve got it all covered.

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Other Events

Beyond weddings, we specialize in creating memorable events such as vibrant pre-wedding parties, intimate post-wedding gatherings, joyous birthday celebrations, and romantic anniversaries. Each event is curated with the same attention to detail and personalized service that Your Bali Weddings is known for.

With Your Bali Wedding, every detail is handled with care, ensuring your celebration is as seamless as it is spectacular.

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