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Best Ways To Transport Your Wedding Dress To Bali

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How are you going to get your wedding dress to Bali for your wedding? This is a common question we get asked all the time so I thought that I would share my ideas on the best solutions for transporting your dress to Bali for that special day.

Your wedding dress will be probably to most expensive item (other than the ring) that you are going to take to Bali. Ideally, you want to keep a close eye on it at all times but with international travel this is more often than not impossible. Once your bags are checked in, you loose control. This can be stressful so following are some alternative options.

Wedding dress as Carry-on Luggage

Once you have had your final fitting and you are happy with the dress, ask your dress maker or bridal boutique to carefully pack the dress so that it will fit neatly into a sturdy box so that you can carry it on board as your luggage. Make sure it’s protected with heaps of tissue paper.

A lot of airlines allow for 1 item of hand luggage to be taken on board. If you ask nicely, they may be able to un pack it and hang it up for you for the duration of the flight. I will make a bet that 9 out of 10 cabin crew will be more than happy to oblige. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Ship it well beforehand to our wedding planner to hold

 Ship it a few weeks before hand to our head wedding planner who will be more than happy to accept it and store it in a safe place until you arrive. This is not a bad idea as it saves you lugging around a dress at the airport. Use a registered courier so you can track the dress. We will notify you when it arrives.

Buy your dress a seat on the plane

This sounds over kill but if you have a cheap ticket and can get another one, why not? I would save this as a last resort option only.

There is really one important tip to note. Bali is humid and will generally get rid of most creases in the dress. But, just in case pack an iron and remember to bring and Indonesian adaptor. You can buy this at most airports before you go through immigration.

If none of this sounds appealing and too much like a hassle, why not get a dress made here in Bali – speak to us about all the options available to you.

Having a wedding in Bali should be fun and exciting so make certain you choose wisely when it comes to the right wedding planner. We can take away so much of the stress and anxiety associated with a destination wedding.


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