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Bali Wedding Packages

If you are thinking about or are now in the stages of planning your wedding in Bali, you need to consider the style of wedding you would like.

The following wedding packages have been created by our team of planners to make your wedding in Bali super easy. You can choose between a beach wedding package or a garden wedding package. Both are fantastic but each has it’s own definitive Bali style and ambiance.

Beach Wedding Package in Bali

Who hasn’t dream’t about having the definitive, romantic wedding right on the beach in fabulous Bali – but then added up all the costs and thought: ‘I’d be better off staying at home!’ Well, here it is at last, a beachfront wedding venue that delivers extraordinary value, located in a venue that ticks all the right boxes and also treats you like royalty.

The magnificent venue is a sprawling garden resort fronting the most prized section of white sand beachfront in Bali’s tourism mecca, Nusa Dua. But the best feature of all? Here everything  is organised and run for you to perfection by Bali’s leading wedding planner, Your Bali Wedding!

At Your Bali Wedding, we only operate weddings at fabulous locations which provide you and your guests a real sense of journey, fabulous photo locations and exceptional service your guests arrive, you’ll be greeted not only by smiling, ever helpful staff, but also palatial ponds, inspiring architecture, exotic temples and secret courtyards. And when you kick off your shoes and step out onto the manicured lawns fringing the white sandy beach, you’ll know this is going to be the fairy tale wedding dreams are made of.

Garden Wedding Package in Bali

This venue provides an immersion in the jungle experience, offering multiple areas to have your ceremony and reception. Boasting 24 stunning rooms, a full buy out of this venue allows you to party all night with your family and friends. We chose this venue for it’s stunning landscape, various areas to take your guests on a journey throughout the celebration and stunning photo locations onsite.

Not just a wedding day, but a wedding week.

One of the biggest headaches with any destination wedding is the logistical nightmare of trying to get all the troops organised with accommodation at a Bali hotel and transport. Then get them to all turn up on time for group events like ice-breakers and brunch – not to mention the big day itself.

Fortunately, being No.1 in Bali lets us pass on to you some truly amazing opportunities and we have been able to negotiate a deal on the luxury accommodation at this top beachside resort. That means that instead of having to come from all over the place, and negotiating Bali’s notorious traffic jams, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of having all your guests staying on site, seeing each other, settling in before the wedding, relaxing by the pool or getting refreshed and ready in air-conditioned comfort just 100 metres or so from the wedding venue. So, your wedding day becomes the climax to a wonderful holiday weekend or even week, with friends and family all together, in the one amazing place.

Why settle for plain boring when you can have absolutely breathtaking?