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Creative Ideas for a Bali Beach Wedding

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Don’t hold back! You already made it to Bali so now it is time to share your craziest, wildest ideas and we take it from there. Your wedding day has to be that dream come true & we make sure that you won’t have to turn you into a bridezilla to make it happen.

With the right help, almost anything is possible. Let’s kick-off with some creative ideas for your beach wedding in Bali:

  • Go barefoot

High heels and the beach don’t really mix well together. Take them off! Why would you wear expensive high heels and smart polished designers shoes that cost a fortune when you can go barefoot, walking the aisle with your bare feet in the sand? Tropical as can be, romantic, casual and just perfect for any Bali Beach Wedding!

your bali wedding beach weddings bali
Barefoot weddings in Bali on the beach
  • Lift it higher

Don’t want to get your feet dirty but you do want those striking ocean views? Lift the wedding higher to one of Bali’s dramatic clifftops and you have found yourself an epic wedding venue! The best place for a clifftop wedding in Bali is in Uluwatu in the southern tip of Bali Island. Balangan Beach and Pandawa are both stunning, featuring high limestone clifftops at the foot of beautiful white sandy beaches. On top of that, there are plenty of stunning luxury villas perched right on these clifftops and they make the most extraordinary wedding venues! Breathtaking ocean views, 5-star luxuries and an abundance of gorgeous pre-wedding photo spots nearby, Uluwatu is one of the most sought-after wedding spots on the island, and it is easy to see why!

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  • Beachfront designers villa in Canggu

Looking for a unique wedding venue on the beach? Try Morabito Art Villa in trendy Canggu – it is just what every beach wedding needs! Style, sophistication, absolute beachfront with a designers air and enough bedrooms and swimming pools to accommodate the entire family, this wedding venue is hard to beat! Expansive green grass lawns stretching out to the beach where the sunset strikes every late afternoon. A large event space, 12 luxury suites and a hot location in the Berawa area of Canggu, this place is just what every bride is after!

morabito art villa beachfront wedding venues in canggu
Morabito Art Villa – on the beach in Canggu
  • Swap the perfect white sand beach for a pristine black sand beach

Bali’s volcanic black sand beaches give a different look to your Bali Beach Wedding and it ain’t any less pretty (if not prettier)! The further you move away from the south and those classic white sand beaches, the more quiet, peaceful and desolate the beaches get. With almighty Mount Agung as the backdrop to your wedding day on some secret beach on the east coast of Bali, the setting is truly magical!

Contact us to find out more about these secret beaches in Bali.

  • Wait for the sunset

Not an original idea but an utmost important one! During the twilight hour in Bali, everything gets even more magical, coloured in shades of orange, red and purple. A magical golden glow covers the island in a split second and it is that second that you need to catch on camera on your wedding day. No matter in what way, the sunset should somehow play an important part at your Bali beach wedding!

  • Luxury wedding on the beach in Seminyak

You probably thought that Seminyak (one of your favourite holiday destinations in the world) and a perfect beach wedding (like the one you’ve been dreaming about) don’t match. Seminyak is busy day and night and the coast is dotted with beach clubs, bars and restaurants. Well, it is true that the beach in Seminyak is home to world-famous beach clubs and amazingly good restaurants but on that same beach, just a just bit further towards Batu Belig, sits Villa Atas Ombak and this decadent luxury villa is where dream beach weddings in Seminyak take place. Villa Atas Ombak makes an incredible wedding venue right here in your beloved beach town Seminyak. Amazing! After the party (or the day after), you can go party at your favourite club where international DJs play such as KU DE TA or Potato Head.

creative bali weddign ideas

your bali weddign bali beach wedding ideas

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