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Beach Weddings in Bali – your ultimate guide

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What little girl doesn’t dream of a tropical beach wedding later on in life when they found that
special someone? That’s right, it every girls’ dream ! Even when growing older, the
wedding-on-the-beach-fantasies still linger on in the mind and so, why not make this dream
come true?

A tropical beach wedding means you will be travelling for the big day, turning it from
an ordinary wedding into a ‘ destination wedding ’. It sounds expensive but it doesn’t need to
be. Yes, it involves a little bit of extra planning and research and you will need to put in some
efforts to find that awesome wedding planner based on that tropical island far away from home,
but it is so very much worth it! Your wedding day will be a dream come true , secluded, tropical
and utterly romantic.


What’s the reason why you (and everyone else) love(s) Bali so much? The beach must be in
your top 3! Bali is only a small island in the massive Indonesian Archipelago and yet it is one of
the hottest, most sought-after wedding destinations in the world . White sand beaches,
black sand beaches, sunset beaches, secret beaches, Bali is surrounded by pristine beaches
and some of them (most of them) make up for idyllic places to have your beach wedding in Bali.

Black sand versus white sand

It is true, for most of us, a black sand beach doesn’t seem right for that picture-perfect wedding
spot but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as pretty or even prettier depending on the setup and your
personal wedding style and decorations. A beach wedding to the backdrop of mighty Mount
Agung (Bali’s biggest and holiest volcano) certainly does add a magical touch to your special
day! However, those white sandy bays at the foot of high limestone clifftops in Uluwatu
also definitely do the trick of providing you with an amazing wedding spot! Seminyak and
Canggu are the way to go for beach wedding kissed by Bali’s mesmerizing sunsets.

What you should know about Bali beach weddings

Let the (barefoot) beach weddings come along but before you start wandering off to wedding
wonderland, here are a couple of things you should know about beach weddings in Bali

– Beaches are public domain

In Bali, all beaches are public domain and so you better avoid the busier areas if you don’t like
strangers taking a sneak-peek from the sideline. A beachfront private villa could be perfect or
you can choose a more secluded beach in a quieter area of the island to get away from crowds.
However, it is important to know that your beach wedding is never guaranteed 100% private
– there can be people passing no matter where the wedding takes place.

– Beach weddings and the weather: Rain and sunshine

Bali has got two seasons, dry season (May to September) and wet season (October to
April) . However, no matter when your wedding day is planned, there should be a backup
scenario in case of rain, especially for beach weddings as they always take place in the open

You need to have a plan B up and running in seconds so do ask your wedding planner what
the options are for rain on your beach wedding in Bali. There are plenty of beachfront villas
that make epic wedding venues. In case of rain, you can easily move the lot inside. This is yet
another advantage of choosing a villa as your wedding venue . Alright, we’ve got the rain
scenario covered but we are still not done yet. Too much sun can also be a problem for your
beach wedding! Why? Well, on most beaches, there is little to no shade and it can get very hot
in the day time. So, unless you don’t mind sweating out of your wedding dress, you better plan
for the beach ceremony to take place in the afternoon when it is less hot. Another plus of
afternoon weddings is the sunset sky that’ll add some extra drops of magic to this enchanting
day that is to be remembered forever and ever.

beach weddings bali wedding planner

The local Banjar

Bali is a mystical and magical island with ceremonies, offerings and prayers to the many Hindu
Gods multiple times every day. There are also plenty of ceremonies taking place on the beach
and that’s why you always need to contact the local Banjar to discuss your beach wedding in
Bali. They will make sure your wedding won’t clash with any of the Balinese ceremonies. The
Banjar will also ask for a fee but you can just let your wedding planner deal with it!

– The traffic

If your wedding takes place in popular places like Seminyak or Canggu in the south of Bali,
traffic can be quite bad. Even though the distance is very short, with a bit of bad luck, a
10-minute drive can take you over an hour. That is why you need to be at the wedding venue
way in time. Showing up late at your own wedding day is a definite no-go!

What you should know about weddings in Bali

Having a destination wedding isn’t all about blue skies, palm trees and beaches, you also need
to deal with the local laws (or better, let your wedding planner inform you and deal with the

– Religion

For instance, for a legal wedding, you and your husband or wife to be, need to be followers of
one of the 5 religions recognized in Indonesia. This means you need to be either Catholic,
Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. On top of that, you need to be followers of the same
religion, too (a Catholic cannot marry a Christian, etc, etc). This can be a bit of a bugger,
especially if you have different religions by birth or you have no religion at all. You can always
opt to do the legal wedding ceremony in your home country and have your wedding celebration
here on the island. For Catholic couples, it is essential to know that in Bali, you can only get
married in a church or a chapel. Not to worry though, there are some amazing beachfront
weddings chapels to be found on the island.

– Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

To prove you aren’t already married, you need to get this certificate at your embassy in
Indonesia. For Australians, you can go to the embassy in Bali for European couples, you may
need to fly to Jakarta depending on where your embassy is based.

Why have a beach wedding in Bali?

● Amazing wedding photos!
● You can go barefoot!
● Mind-blowing sunset views on the west of the island
● Little girls dreams fulfilled
● Spectacular villas on the beach

Why you should not have a beach wedding in Bali

– You don’t want amazing views and super enviable wedding photos
– You hate sand, salt and sea
– You don’t want to risk to have rain on your wedding day
– You want 100% privacy guaranteed for your beach wedding

Do you need a wedding planner?

A better question to ask yourself is where to find the best wedding planner in Bali because
there is no way you can plan that dream wedding of yours without an experienced wedding
planner by your side. Have you got an extensive network here on the island? Do you speak the
local language? Do you know Bali like the back of your hand and more importantly, do you know
those secret beaches and the most staggering beach villas for that epic wedding day of yours?
Of course, you don’t! That’s why you need to find yourself someone amazing! Bali has got
thousands of wedding planners to choose from, not making it any easier to find that special
wedding guru you are looking for. The search to find the best wedding planner in Bali starts with
research on the net, asking around, checking reviews and having some Skype calls or chats
with potential candidates. You gotta spend some time “shopping” for that right person but from
there on, things will get easier. Your wedding planner will be your personal guide, best friend
and inspirator all in one go. It is his or her job to make your beach wedding in Bali a

beach weddings in bali

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The talented team at YourBaliWedding invites all brides and grooms to be to
have a look on their website and check out their reviews. It is an Australian owned and
operated wedding company based on the island of Bali with over 40 years of experience in
planning and event management. Feel free to reach out and make a connection – they will get
back to you on the day.

Some amazing beach wedding venues in Bali:


Villa Shalimar
Morabito Art Villa


Villa Atas Ombak


Villa Bale Agung
Villa Karang Saujana
Khayangan Estate

Villa Pushpapuri

Written by Stephanie Anais


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