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12 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Bali Wedding

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Having your dream wedding in Bali might seem easy but there are pitfalls and issues. Get it wrong and the day could turn out a disaster. So following are some useful tips to help you avoid making those mistakes that are so easy to make when planning and having your wedding in Bali. These are golden tips based on years of experience in planning and organising countless Bali weddings.

Having far too many wedding events

Yes Bali is exciting and yes you want to cram as much shopping, sightseeing in as possible. But all this can be exhausting for you and your guests. Leave some down time, enjoy some peace and quiet before the big day. If you must be an action hero or a sight seeing junkie, leave it for the honeymoon.

Going to places that are too far apart

You want to do and see it all. Yet you do not want to be stretched too thin either. There is only one of you so limit travel times to a minimum as traffic in Bali can be horrible. You do not want to be stuck in traffic chaos and jams especially those in Seminyak or Canggu. This just puts a dampener on everything and spoils the mood. If you can keep it local and not too far from the hotel or villa.

Choosing the wrong season

Oct through March is traditionally the rainy season in Bali. Tropical downpours are common and it can in some cases go on for a few hours. Some weeks it can be cloudy for days on end. Not ideal for the picture postcard Bali wedding you were anticipating. Keep this in mind when planning your wedding dates. Having said that, most venues offer under cover reception areas so you can stay well out of those monsoon thunderstorms.

Not entertaining the guests

This might seem like a no brainer but I thought I would put it here. Your guests will have come a long way and they should be entertained with a reception or party after the ceremony. Most people would think it odd not to do this but – just in case you might think that the guests will want to leave after the ceremony and go on their merry way elsewhere…definitely not.

Choosing a small venue

You may have a limited budget and want to save on costs but choosing a smaller venue because it’s cheap is not a good idea. Also, some small venues may have a great ocean, rice field or beach view, but they may be too cramped for the number of guests you are having. Keep space in mind when in Bali and things can get very hot in the tropics.

Under estimating the number of people attending

Leave a lot of time for people to RSVP. Bali is a great destination for a holiday so people may leave their decision to the last minute and on an impulse think….why not have a holiday in Bali. Always think that for a destination wedding you will get 40-50% of people showing up.

Partying too hard before the wedding

Bali has some serious nightlife. You do not want to be burnt out by the time the wedding comes around. Yes you may be there with your best friends but pace yourself. This way you will be able to live it up on the wedding day and honeymoon.

Forgetting to drink water

Bali is hot to make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. You do not want heat stroke or to be sick on your wedding day all because you haven’t drunk enough water.

Not relaxing by your private pool in the villa

 If you are coming from a cold climate or winter from another country, you want to enjoy your villa pool time and relax. Get acclimatised so you are not a heaving sweaty mess on your wedding day.

Spending all your wedding money very quickly

Bali can be very cheap. There is so much temptation every where and vendors are at you the whole time to buy something. Not to mention all those fabulous cafes and restaurants to try out. What happens is because it’s cheap you end up spending more…watch out for this trap.

Not choosing the right villa

Do your homework. If you are planning to have a villa wedding in Bali and then stay in a villa for the rest of your time, make sure you get your wedding planner to come up with a list of villas for the reception/ceremony and the honeymoon. There are so many choices and styles of villas – basically the list is endless. You are therefore in the drivers seat as you will have many options. Base your choice of size, facilities and location of villa. Most people tend to stay in Seminyak or Canggu so this is a good starting point for you.

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I have put this in caps because I think it is a critical component of having a successful wedding in Bali. If you choose the right wedding planner they can take care of everything for you. Photographers, DJ’s, venues, villa accommodation, flowers, cakes, catering, videos, they can organise the lot. They have the contacts, they can get the best deals and above all if they are any good they can really put some imagination into your wedding.

Bali is not an easy place to organise things. Sure, you can book your flight, hotel and go out for dinner, but to organise a complicated wedding ( and there are issues with language barriers) can be more trouble than it’s worth. You do not want to be doing this yourself. Trust me when I tell you this – there are just far too many variables to consider when planning a destination wedding in Bali, Indonesia. Things can go wrong really quickly. So for your special wedding day and honeymoon, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who have done this many many times before. They have got all the local contacts and know all the problems that might arise. Don’t leave things to chance just because you might save a few dollars. It will end up costing you more in the long run. Plus it will ruin your wedding. This is the last thing you want to happen!

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If you are thinking about getting married in Bali and need a wedding planner / organiser please get in touch with our professional team today – we will make this a hassle & stress free, memorable day for you.

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