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Want to SAVE as much as your can on your Bali Wedding? Think Shoulder Periods.

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If you want to save as much money as you can on your Bali wedding then I would advice you going when it’s the shoulder period. That is, the time between the low and high season, where you can go to Bali for your wedding when there are not hundreds of other couples looking to do the same thing. During peak periods you will end up spending considerable more money than you would if you get married during the quieter periods in Bali.


The peak period or high season is why everything is much more expensive.


The peak or high season is the July /August period. The reason for this is that this is summer in the Northern hemisphere and is the only time that most Europeans can get time off work to visit one of their favourite destinations. You will notice heaps more Germans, French and Scandinavians roaming the streets of Seminyak, Legian and Sanur during these months. Hence, all villas and hotel rooms tend to get booked out quickly and prices start to go up for the few remaining honeymoon or wedding villas.


Also, for entertainment everything starts to get booked out. A short stroll down the main road of Seminyak at night will confirm this. It is packed solid. Everything goes up in price; from car hire, food prices, anything to do with your wedding starts to increase – even booking a massage in your own private villa goes up in price. It’s just how it is during that period. So if you are thinking about getting married in Bali during the peak months, expect to pay top dollar.


The cheapest & most affordable period to visit Bali is the shoulder periods.


As a destination wedding island Bali tends to get booked out all year round. You can compound this by multiplying this by the number of guests you intend to have in your wedding party. Think having 50 to 100 people coming to your wedding. Where are they going to all stay? How are you going to accommodate everyone? This is why it’s a great idea to think about a wedding in Bali during the shoulder periods or non peak times like; April / May or Oct to January. A word of warning to all would be brides looking to get married during these months. The end of year period is during the rainy season so be prepared for tropical downpours. They can last 5 minutes or the whole day. Just be prepared.


It’s a good idea to have shelter all set up if you are having your wedding in a villa. But, if you are planning on having this outside; on the beach or on one of the great cliff tops, just don’t be too disappointed if its starts to bucket down. My advice is to have it in a villa where there is ample shelter.


One final thought before choosing a date.

So…before you and hubby pick that date and lock it in, remember to think about what is happening outside our country. Where are the tourists heading and what are the peak months.


Weddings during the shoulder period are far more relaxed, less pricey and less hassled. There are not so many people around and the island tends to open up just that bit more with all its beauty, tranquility and culture Yes it may rain and yes you may get wet, but think about all those great benefits!

There are still heaps of tourists around, but you will notice a significant drop in traffic, noise as well as competing for that table in the top restaurants in Seminyak. The advantages are significant!


For more great Bali Wedding tips why not get in touch with Cyra at Your Bali Wedding. She can help you plan your whole wedding day and even organise villa accommodation for your guests.

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