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Useful info for Singaporean & Malaysian couples wanting to get married in Bali

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If you are either a Singaporean or Malaysian couple and want to get legally married in Bali, read on.

This article is very useful as getting legally married in Bali. If you are a national of either of these 2 countries is not as easy as it seems.

This is why you need a wedding planner & this is what we specialise in; helping couples live their dream by having a Bali wedding and arranging their Bali holiday villa rentals.

Complications mount if you are from Singapore or Malaysia and want to get married in Bali….but there are solutions.

A lot of people would say that it is difficult, expensive and complicated to get married in Bali, Indonesia of you are from Singapore or Malaysia. I say, there are hurdles but these are easy to overcome and well worth the effort if you just follow the process. Nothing and I repeat nothing is too hard.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Indonesian government or their laws. In fact, they encourage weddings in Bali. It’s great for the local economy. The issue has to do with the laws in both Singapore & Malaysia.

What couples need to do and this is where it gets tricky ( but not too hard) is travel to Jakarta, visit their respective embassies and then submit the necessary official documents at the embassy. Being Indonesia, this can and in most cases will take a few days for all the bureaucracy and paperwork to filter through the system. This means that you need to be prepared to spend a few days in Jakarta. For some, this may seem like hell, but for others who treat this as part of the adventure, will find it all very exciting.

I know this does add to the cost of the wedding but it’s a lot cheaper than the expense of getting married in Singapore or Malaysia. Bali weddings can mount up in cost but if you let us handle your wedding we are able to work out firm budgets and stick to them. With us, there are absolutely no hidden surprises or costs.

An alternative that many people often do, is to have the legal ceremony in their own country and then fly to Bali for the local ceremony. It is not legal in Bali but it doesn’t matter as it’s all been signed and sealed and legally confirmed in Singapore or Malaysia. What a lot of couples do is have the main ceremony in their home country and fly a few of their friends and family to Bali for the fun part; a lovely ceremony and the honeymoon.

If you are still keen on having the legal ceremony in Bali, contact us here at Your Bali Wedding as we can help with the whole process. Our aim is to make the whole wedding process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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