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The Ultimate Bali Wedding guide – how to plan your wedding in Bali

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Are you ready? Ready for that big, important day in your life that changes everything forever?
That special day that transforms the two of you from lovers into husband and wife? What could
be a better place for your wedding to take place than on some gorgeous tropical island in the
Indian Ocean?

Bali: the ultimate wedding destination

Bali is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations on the planet and for good reasons,
that is! Bali island is a stunningly beautiful place with sacred volcanoes and thousands of Hindu
temples, lush river valleys and emerald rice paddy fields, pristine beaches and towering ocean
cliff tops. The list of epic wedding spots and gorgeous villas is endless! Bali has its ways to
enchant every living being setting foot on the island. Is it the exotic Balinese culture or do you
think the Hindu Gods could have something to do with it? It’s hard to say but one thing is for
sure, you are in for a magical wedding! Are you planning to have your wedding in Bali?

Keep reading! This is the ultimate guide to Bali weddings:

When is the best time to have your wedding in Bali?

Bali is tropical and beautiful all year round! The island does, however, shift from dry to wet
season. Lots of couples choose to have their wedding in the dry season but then again, who
says a wedding in the rain can’t be magical, too? If you want to minimize the chances of rainfall
on your big day, dry season is your safest bet. This means your wedding day has to take place
between April and October. Not scared of a little rain? Any day of the year is a great day to get
married in Bali! Discuss with your wedding planner what to do is in case of rain. Surely, they will
have a back-up plan or rain program. July and August are peak season in Bali, causing prices to

In the wet season prices drop significantly (except around Christmas and New Year!) and
yes, there can be some tropical rainfall but usually, the rain doesn’t last all that long and there is
plenty of blue skies and sunshine to enjoy.

What is the best area for your Bali Wedding?

You have already found the perfect island for your destination wedding to take place but what
about the best area and where to find that perfect wedding venue? The island is bursting with
diversity – not making it any easier for you newlyweds to be to pin down that perfect wedding
spot for an unforgettable day. The good news is that no matter where you end up saying your
vows out loud, it’ll be a beautiful place with awe-inspiring views!

There are gorgeous wedding villas everywhere and it is the task of your wedding planner to

take you by the hand and help you track down that dream-come-true venue at the perfect spot.

your bali wedding the ultimate wedding guide

Dreaming of rice paddies?

Canggu is highly recommended! More drawn to clifftop villas with infinity pools? Head over to
Uluwatu or Nusa Dua!

your bali wedding canngu weddings in bali

In love with cosmopolitan Seminyak?

We don’t blame you! Seminyak Villas are the best for stylish, sunset weddings!

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Legal stuff you need to know

Getting married in a foreign country comes with a set of rules and laws to follow. It involves
some extra paperwork and know-how. Yes, it’s a bit of a hazard but luckily you’ve got your
wedding planner to deal with all that! Bali is part of Indonesia and there are some strict rules
regarding legal marriages:

– Same religion
Couples have to follow the same religion in order to have a legal wedding in Bali and the religion
needs to be one recognized as a religion in Indonesia. This means Catholic, Protestant, Muslim,
Hindu or Buddhist. A Catholic cannot marry a Protestant nor can a Muslim marry a Buddhist and
so on – one of you would have to convert first. Not having a religion is not an option.

– Only church or chapel for Catholics
Catholic couples have no other choice but to get married in a church or in a chapel (luckily Bali
has plenty of stunning chapels, so not to worry!).

– Same-sex marriages
This is not legal in Indonesia up until this day.

– Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
Couples need to get this certificate from the Australian Embassy in Bali, proving to the celebrant that
you are legally allowed to get married.

Don’t want to deal with stuff like this? Another option is to have the legal wedding in your home
country and have the ceremony, blessing and wedding party here in Bali in that gorgeous villa
venue of your choice.

A realistic wedding budget

Yes, Bali is cheap and you can find killer wedding venues at unbelievable prices compared to a
similar venue in the Western world but you need to set a realistic wedding budget. Talk to each
other about what you want and need for that dream wedding and discuss it with your wedding
planner. So how much does a Bali wedding cost? Of course, this is not an easy question to
answer as it really depends on so many things. It is safe to safe that a typical Bali wedding
starts at $10.000. From there, you can make it as expensive as you want…

Do you really need a wedding planner?

The answer to this question is plain, clear and simple: yes, you need a wedding planner! Unless
you are living here in Bali and you have an extensive network, you speak the local language,
have a whole lot of time and have the most amazing organization skills without turning you into
a Bali Bridezilla – you will need an amazing wedding planner to take care of all of that and a
whole lot more.

Planning a wedding is a full-time job and in a place like Bali, you need a lot of
experience too. Things just don’t work the same here as they do in Australia or Europe or
America! Doing it yourself is a recipe for disaster and that is just what you don’t need for your
wedding day!

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Finding your wedding planner

How to plan your wedding in Bali? Where to start? Well, it starts with finding the right wedding planner.

You need to find someone you trust, someone who understands exactly what you
want, someone who knows Bali inside out and has all the right connections to make wedding
dreams come true.

The perfect wedding planner is based on the island of Bali and he or she will
arrange everything from A to Z: the wedding venue, the ideal spot for the ceremony and the
perfect timing to catch that sunset and so on. Your wedding planner should be able to arrange
transport, accommodation, entertainment, cakes, flowers, make-up, wedding photographer, etc,

Everything needs to be spot-on and just the way the bride and groom wanted it to be. On
top of that, it should all fit the wedding budget. Communication needs to be frequent, clear and

You should be able to see the wedding venues (if you are able to come to Bali before the
wedding) and the pricing needs to be transparent. Above all, you need to have that special ‘click’
with your wedding planner.

Be wary of wedding planners who push you towards a certain venue
or location. Your wedding planner needs to be unbiased, reliable, trustworthy and flexible!

YourBaliWedding has got the complete package! Have a look at the website , read the
reviews and see how you feel. You can always drop us a line and take it from there.

the ultimate bali wedding guide


– Meet your wedding planner person or have video/skype/whats app calls!
– Check out the wedding venues if you can
– Check on hidden fees and taxes
– Check reviews and ask around
– Relax
– Breathe
– Enjoy
– Sleep on it
– Speak your mind and share your dreams
– Ask questions – ask all of them!
– Talk about your wedding budget and what is realistic


– Rush – take your time to find the perfect wedding planner and venue!
– Book while you don’t feel that ‘click’ with your wedding planner
– Pay without having checked on additional fees and taxes
– Stress – everything will be fine!

In a nutshell

Bali weddings are the best if you join hands with the right wedding planner! The possibilities of
epic wedding spots and luxury villas are abundant and the value for money is unbeatable! At the
mercy of the Hindu Gods, to the backdrop of rugged volcanoes, dramatic cliffs, valleys and
waterfalls, your wedding will be most extraordinary – even better than you ever dreamt of when
you were little. Fairytales exist, boys and girls!

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