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Romantic post wedding things to do in Bali

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The wedding is over, you had a great time, everything went well and now you are on your honeymoon. What to do next? I know you want to have a lot of chill out time but if you want to combine a bit of romance and adventure together, following are some really romantic places in Bali that you and your partner are going to absolutely love.

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I want to say here that these are only a very few options. Bali is a multi layered destination. You can go for adventure, food, culture and romance so what ever you do go out and explore the place as it is really a magical destination. It’s an ideal honeymoon destination, spend a few days exploring the island and you will know what I mean.

1) Git Git Waterfall – this pace is in the northern part of the island, about 12 kms south of the main town Singaraja. This is a famous waterfall and makes for a very good day out indeed. Like most Bali honeymooners you will be probably staying in Seminyak so, organise transport ( if you are staying in one of our managed villas – speak to Cyra and she will be happy to organise this for you)  get up early, and enjoy the very scenic drive. You will pass through the magical rice fields and scenery of Bali, and as you climb up into the mountains, you will get a real sense of what Bali was like 20 years ago. I think the drive is as much of an adventure as the actual waterfalls. Stop along the way, mix it up with the locals, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the honeymoon in Bali.

things to do on your bali honeymoon - git git waterfall

2) Day Spa at the W Hotel – It really doesn’t matter how hard you partied at your wedding. Both of you deserve to be spoiled and pampered for at least 1 day – go on give it a try as a present to yourselves for being so well behaved at the wedding and indulge at a great day Spa in Seminyak.

It’s got a detox oxygen bar as well as a champagne bar on tap (kind of defeats the purpose really – but you are on your honeymoon so go for it)! There are different packages for you to choose from so if there is a bit of a budget this will allow some room for you to choose. There are literally thousands of day spas in Bali but if you are going to try 1, then this has to be high on the list.

3) The Ubud Money Forest – Located in the hear of Ubud the money forest temple is a fun packed day out. Amble through the streets of Ubud and all the cool cafes, shops and restaurants and finish up with a tour of the temple. OK, I need to point out here that the monkey’s can be quite in-your-face and will tend to take anything off your body ( like sunglasses, GoPros, cameras, phones) that are not securely hidden away. Really, watch out for this as you will have to pay one of the locals to get it back for you (could be a scam actually). But, it’s all part of the memorable honeymoon holiday experience.

Ubud is about a 90 minute drive from Seminyak so this is a full day outing. Also, think about having dinner in Ubud as well there are so many fabulous restaurants all within walking distance of each other.

things to do on your bali honeymoon - ubud monkey forest

4) Bikram Yoga Bali – for those of you who have never heard about this type of Yoga, you just have to know that it is probably the most intense type of yoga you will ever do. It’s all done in 38 degree heat in a very hot and sweaty room and is perfect for the post wedding detox – there is a studio in Seminyak. This might not be for everyone, but for those honeymoon couple that want to burn of a few of those calories and keep toned, then this is going to be bliss. It’s a 90 minute class so you have got the rest of the day to feel great and good about yourself for doing this…try it once you have got nothing to loose..except a few extra calories.

things to do on your bali honeymoon - bikram yoga

5) Rock Bar – for the honeymooners in Bali this place is a must go. Located at the Ayana Resort, jutting out into the ocean is the world famous Rock Bar. Cocktails at sunset followed by a meal, this place is packed with romance and the ideal location for those wanting that perfect honeymoon picture. Be warned get there early as it can get jammed packed so avoid the long lines. If there is really one exotic landmark in Bali that you should visit for sunset drinks, then this is it.

things to do on your bali honeymoon - rock bar bali

things to do on your bali honeymoon - rockbar bali


6) Hire a motor bike – some people may say that I’m crazy for writing this considering the amount of bike accidents in Bali. But, if you are really careful and do not mind the insane traffic and road rules, hiring a scooter and getting out of the main tourist areas can be a fun way to spend the day. Get out of Seminyak or Legian and see the real Bali. Stop at all the road side stalls, grab some lunch, takes some great photos, and experience the real Bali. Try taking the road to Ubud, cutting up the centre of the island and head north. The scenery is spectacular. Warning: if you have never driven a scooter before I would personally not use the roads of Bali as a testing ground. This is only for the experienced riders.

things to do on your bali honeymoon - scooter hire

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