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The allure of Bali, as a convenient and popular wedding destination, has seen a rapid growth in the wedding industry on the island of Bali. It’s paramount that before you get the ball rolling, you choose a reliable and long standing wedding planner, with a solid track record.

At ‘Your Bali Wedding’ you can be assured that everything will go to plan, with no hidden, last minute additional costs and you can relax in the knowledge that our highly professional and experienced wedding management team, will be at your side, all the way.

Here are a few very helpful tips, to make sure that the most important day of your life goes off without a hitch!

1. Find the right wedding planner

The ins and outs of planning a wedding in Bali, is by no stretch of the imagination, a simple and straight forward process. Without the services of a renowned and well established wedding planner, things can quickly go astray on your special day. There are several unscrupulous planners who don’t fully understand what is at stake and are more concerned with making a quick dollar, than the importance of producing a smoothly run wedding.

A good wedding planner will be highly organized, with flexibility to cater to last minute requests by the bridal party. ‘Your Bali Wedding’ accommodates to special needs and unforeseen incidents, such as inclement weather and last minute cancellations. Trying to organize everything yourself, can lead to some serious problems, when unwanted stress is the last thing you want on your special day.

2. Secure the perfect venue before sending the invites

In essence the venue you choose, will determine much that is related to the entire planning process. The venue will dictate the style of wedding that you are ultimately seeking and the experience delivered to your important family members and guests. Take the time to work with Your Bali Wedding to find the ultimate wedding location, whether it’s one of our stunning beach front or cliff top villas, or maybe a secret garden in Mystical hills of cultural Ubud. Start the process early with us, so you can make sure have your preferred dates for the wedding at your preferred venue.

3. Choose one wedding planner – let them handle everything from A-Z

You will be guaranteed far fewer headaches if you can engage a reliable and professional wedding planner, as opposed to working with multiple parties, for essential service providers. A professional wedding planner has a database of reliable business partners built over several years of successful co-working arrangements. The wedding planner will secure the best prices for essential services, as opposed to trying to deal with such companies directly yourself. Florists, caterers, just to name a few, must all work in unison to ensure nothing is left to chance.

4. Keep in mind a professional wedding in Bali still costs

The simple fact is that a truly professional wedding planner in Bali will cost, however more than likely somewhat cheaper than a wedding back home. You’re really paying for that tropical wedding wow factor!! That will leave you, your partner, family and friends with unforgettable, life long memories. Consider paying up to 75% for a Bali wedding, compared to the price of a wedding back home. If you engage a wedding planner that offers an exceptionally low quotation, then this should be somewhat of a warning sign for you. Make sure that what are quoted includes absolutely everything without any last minute hidden costs; have a contract signed on the finalized quotation, to protect you.

5. Bali’s traffic can be a little hectic – plan schedules with care

If you haven’t been to Bali before you must realize the traffic can be a little unpredictable at times. The last thing you want is to have your guests waiting for the bride, for an over extended period, this also applies to your guests being punctual for the event. If you need to make final, on the day commitments; maybe having hair, make-up or clothing needs attended to, you’re probably best having this done in the safe confines of your wedding

venue. Advise guests to arrive earlier rather than later and being a bit early is better than being impolitely late.

6. Plan for a little me time – not only with family & friends

Given that your wedding will be held in Bali with all of your family and close friends, you’re going to have the chance to spend plenty of quality time together. The build up to the wedding will be a little stressful; it’s only natural, as you want everything do go off without a hitch! Take some time out and spend some quality time just with your loved one, a little sightseeing, an amazing couples massage experience, will be totally fulfilling and relaxing. Post wedding day, treat yourself to a few days together, it’s only natural to feel like a little bit of a honeymoon together. A beachfront wedding would be perfectly complimented by a mystical Ubud escape for a few days together or vice versa.

7. Your guests will need variable and convenient accommodation ideas

Having all of your loved ones and close friends with you in Bali, for your special day, is wonderful thought. However, be conscious that this will also cost guests airfares, accommodation and holiday spending money. You may have guests coming from all parts of the globe, with varying budgets, to make it to your special event. It’s an idea to ask your wedding planner to make a list of accommodation suggestions that are in relative close proximity to the wedding venue, with a well varied price range, to suit individual accommodation budgets. Some guests may be willing to splurge on high end accommodation and others with a little less to spend.

8. Keep your guests happy – consider some group outings

Bali has so many wonderful tourist attractions and things to do, the list is endless. Your wedding planner can arrange group transportation to wonderful beaches and fun beach/day clubs where you can all relax and have an amazing day together. The island has some fantastic beach clubs to choose from with incredible views, amazing sunsets and of course all your favorite cocktails on hand. Group spa sessions for the ladies, at a myriad of pampering wonderlands and for the boy’s, maybe a round of golf at one of the International standard, Championship golf courses. A day trip to Ubud, visiting stunning art galleries and exploring local markets to buy souvenirs, clothing items and handicrafts, may be well worth the trip. Have a group dinner at one of Bali’s dazzling restaurants or a night out at one of the happening entertainment venues, Bali has it all!

Contact “Your Bali Wedding” to make sure you have a long standing, highly professional and well trusted partner by your side all the way, for your perfect Bali wedding!

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