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Crafting Customized Bali Wedding favours for a Personal Touch

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Whether you deliver wedding favours with the invitation card or hand them over to your guests during your wedding reception, these favours can add an exciting touch to your big day. They serve as a token of love, gratitude, and appreciation and add a unique and custom touch to your wedding.

You don’t have to go overboard with the wedding favours, as these can be small and simple and go with the theme of your wedding.

Planning a wedding in Bali? The allure of custom wedding party favours is undeniable. They serve as a tangible memory of your unforgettable celebration, set against the backdrop of Bali’s natural beauty. Here, we present a collection of inspirations for various types of wedding favours, each one a unique expression of your love and gratitude.

Are Wedding Gifts Necessary?

Are Wedding Gifts Necessary

Although wedding favours are not as necessary as the venue, the wedding dress, or maybe even the wedding cake, these are an excellent way to thank and express your gratitude to your guests, who have travelled a long way and taken the time to be a part of your big day. You should definitely think of giving your guests custom wedding party favours. Remember, these favours don’t have to be extravagant or extraordinary – these can be something as simple as tasty cultural treats.

Unique and Customized Bali Wedding Favour Ideas

Are you ready to discover unique Bali wedding favours to add a personal touch to your big day? Here is a list of unique and customised Bali wedding favours that will delight your guests.

  • Local Touches with Unique Bali Wedding Souvenirs

Local Touches with Unique Bali Wedding Souvenirs

Local Bali wedding gifts, including silkscreen canvases, hand-coated pillows, accessories, jewellery, and much more, will add a unique touch and the essence of Bali to your wedding. The best spots to find special yet local wedding favours are the Padi Art Market or Sukawati Art Market. Find anything from local crafts to unique products here.

Have an awe-inspiring experience at the classy and elegant Padi Art Market, which offers a mix of crafts with a tropical theme, from arts and gifts to home and beauty services. You will find souvenirs at very cheap rates here, and if you are up for some friendly haggling, you can get the crafts you like at an even more affordable rate. These crafts will make delightful gifts for your guests.

If you are planning to send your guests off with unique accessories, clothing, shoes, or jewellery, Sukawati Art Market is the place to go. This is the go-to-market if you are having a big wedding, as you can easily buy souvenirs in bulk and at cheaper rates here.

  • Do-it-Yourself Wedding favour Ideas

Express your unique style and personality with DIY wedding favours and treat your guests to hand-made wedding souvenirs from Bali. These DIY wedding favours will not only show your creativity and style to your guests but will also make your guests feel more welcome. So, get creative with simple yet meaningful projects that will reflect both the charm of the island and your unique style.

  • Create hand-made candles infused with scents from Bali; you can even add colour to these candles to match the theme of your wedding.
  • If making scented candles Is too much for you, opt for coffee mugs and paint traditional Balinese motifs that will remind your guests of your wedding.
  • Or pack Balinese coffee or chocolate in beautifully decorated boxes.
  • Nothing says thank you better than handwritten notes to express your gratitude.

Add a personalised touch, like the couple’s name or the wedding date, to these unique Bali wedding souvenirs. Or maybe add a tag saying ‘Thank you for being a part of our big day’ to express your gratitude.

  • Tasty Treats: Edible Wedding favours in Bali

Other great Bali wedding favour ideas include tasty treats. No one can say no to a bag or a box of delicious treats, and this is also an affordable option for you if you are running on limited allowances. Cupcakes, fortune cookies, and chocolates are treats that everyone is sure to enjoy. Add a touch of Bali’s natural charm with intricate designs on your cookies and cupcakes.

The plus point? These edible Bali wedding favours would be enjoyed there and then without ending up in the waste bucket.

  • Personalised Wedding Gifts in Bali

Want to add a personal touch to your destination? Consider incorporating Personalized Wedding Gifts in Bali. Infuse your wedding favours with a memorable picture, whether it be a bottle, a keychain, or a badge saying ‘groom’s gang’ & ‘bride’s squad.’ The thoughtful addition of a dear memory not only adds a personal touch to the gift but also turns it into a cherished keepsake your guests will dote on for years to come. Here are some unique Bali wedding favour ideas that will make your wedding even more memorable.

  • If you are planning a summer wedding, think of handing over personalised mini sunscreen bottles to your guests.
  • Want a beach party? Get Customized flip-flops for your guests. Trust me they are going to thank you later.
  • Get some delicious bottles of wine as a wedding favour and personalise the wine label with the couple’s picture or a design that complements the theme of your wedding.
  • Add your guests’ initials to the keychain and make the gift special for your guests.

Tips for Choosing and Preparing Wedding Favours in Bali:

Tips for Choosing and Preparing Wedding Favours in Bali

Are you looking for tips and tricks that would make selecting and preparing wedding favours in Bali simple? Here are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing a wedding favour.

  • Whether you are having a small wedding or a big one, planning ahead of time is important. So you or whoever is in charge of finding a wedding favour has plenty of time on his hands. Remember, it takes time to find the perfect wedding favour that reflects your style and personality.
  • When exploring Bali wedding favour ideas, think of exploring various shops, retailers, and online stores so you can get the best worth for your money.
  • Think of choosing a wedding favour that holds a purpose and sentimental value for both you and your guests.
  • Choosing items that align with your wedding theme will add a touch of personalisation, such as handmade items or local Bali wedding gifts.
  • For your destination wedding, most of your guests will have to travel long distances. Hence, it is essential that the wedding gift you choose stands the long journey and does not break. Avoid souvenirs made of glass or easily breakable material.
  • Remember that your wedding favours are a way to thank your guests for being a part of your big day; hence, choose favours that not only reflect your style but also hold meaning for your guests.
  • Once you have chosen a wedding favour that reflects your style, consider choosing attractive packaging. For your destination Bali wedding, choose Balinese-inspired wrapping material, add tags with your guests’ initials, or include a handwritten note for a touch of personalisation.
  • Lastly, think of creating lasting memories for your loved ones. With carefully chosen wedding favours, your guests will leave your Bali wedding with cherished mementos of your celebration.

Make Your Bali Wedding Unforgettable with Customized favours:

As you are planning your dream wedding in Bali, remember the importance of customised wedding party favours in creating unforgettable experiences and adding personal touches to your celebration. You can and will find a wedding favour that speaks your style if you put thought into it or plan accordingly.

Make Your Bali Wedding truly unforgettable with wedding favours. Need help? Contact Your Bali Wedding’s wedding planners and organizers today. They’ll take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your dream wedding.


Q: Why are custom wedding favours important?

Custom wedding favours add a touch of personalisation to your wedding and are meaningful tokens that show your gratitude for your guests; these tokens create lasting memories for your guests and make your special day even more special.

Q: How can I add local touches to my Bali wedding favours?

To add local touches, explore Bali’s Local markets, including the Padi Art Market or Sukawati Art Market, to find unique items that would make perfect Balinese-themed wedding favours.

Q: Are edible wedding favours a popular choice?

Yes, edible wedding favours are not only a popular choice but also an affordable choice. These tasty treats appeal to everyone, whether young or old, and no one can say no to them.

Q: What should I think of when choosing and preparing wedding favours?

Remember that selecting a wedding favour takes a lot of time, so plan ahead! Moreover, it’s essential that the wedding favours hold a purpose and some meaning to both you and your guests. Consider packaging, tags, or adding a personalised handwritten note to express your gratitude.

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