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Commitment Ceremonies in Bali – we can help

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If you are wanting a Commitment Ceremony in Bali then please talk to us here at Your Bali Wedding. We can help with the planning, organise the venue, the celebrant, music, food, villas for yourself and your guests. Whatever you need for your commitment ceremony we can do.

Why? Because we have been helping couples from Australia and all over the world not only get married in Bali but also with their commitment ceremony and renewing their vows. This is what we do best and this is what we have been doing since 2005.

A commitment ceremony is basically a non legal wedding. It’s basically the same as a normal wedding except it is not legally binding and there’s no paper work. This makes things very simple. So many people do it this way and what they do is organise the legal side of things back home and have the fun part over in Bali. These types of commitment ceremonies cross all boundaries and we are also finding that same sex couples are also heading off to Bali to enjoy the island and all it has to offer.

Getting the legalities sorted before you come to Bali means that you can spend more time relaxing here with friends and family knowing that this part of the process is all about relaxing and enjoying each other.

Advantages of having a commitment ceremony in Bali?

– Stress free and so much less hassle. If your wanting to get married then the paper work can take a few days to organise. Yes we can do this for you but you need to be around and you need to be on hand and this chews up your holiday time. You need so many documents like birth certificates, witness passports, church certificates, divorce papers (if any) etc.

– Cindy and her team at Your Bali Wedding will guide you throughout the wedding process like photos for your wedding certificate and taking you to the Australia Embassy for your CNI – all this takes time, energy and with the notorious Bali traffic, this can sometimes be a nightmare. With a commitment ceremony all you do is turn up and enjoy the day, it’s as simple as that.

– Its cheaper than a legal wedding as you don’t need to pay extra for incidentals like certificate of no impediment (CNI) which is not much at $110 pp but it all adds to the bill.

– It really takes the headaches and stress away. Let’s say for example for some reason what so ever you could not make it to the Australian Embassy for your paper work you can still go ahead with the ceremony because the legal paper work has already been carried out back home. Things out of your control can easily happen in Bali so this is at least full peace of mind.

– There is only 1 quick ceremony. When you are legally married in Bali there are 2 ceremonies: 1 with a religious leader and the second with a government official – this is the only way to make it legal. With a commitment ceremony, you can write the text, you control what goes on and it’s a lot less formal.

Lets’ be honest here, most people will want to go down the legal path and get married in Bali but there are a handful (and the numbers are growing with the same sex marriage) who prefer to make it quick and easy by having a celebrant handle the entire occasion. It’s so much easier, quicker, less running around, in some cases cheaper and there is only 1 fast ceremony!

So if your wanting to experience something really special and unique then why not consider having your commitment ceremony in one of the most beautiful places on earth; Bali. We make the whole process so easy that all you need to do is contact us and you will be well on your way to having ne of the best experiences of your like.

It doesn’t matter which country you are from or what style of ceremony you prefer, we can customise and tailor make any package to suite your needs, preferences and budget

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