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Checklist for your Bali Wedding: what you really need to know

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You have already found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with – good on you!

Bali is where you want your wedding to take place – we couldn’t agree more!

Now what?

There is a lot of things involved in planning that dream-come-true wedding, especially when it’s going to happen overseas on an exotic island like Bali.

Of course, it is all worth it! It is so very worth it!

Your wedding day will be like no other, bursting with romance, love and breathtaking views. You will get to have an extraordinary wedding venue and inclusions at prices you won’t believe and it’ll be that wedding your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

Plan your wedding way ahead of time and takes things step by step.

You may even want to fly out to Bali to inspect some wedding venues beforehand, making it a wedding party before the party has even started. Planning a destination wedding can be stressful but it can also be fun, exciting and wonderful, it all depends on the amount of time you have and the wedding planner you chose.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s really important for your wedding in Bali with this checklist of what you really need to know upfront:

–  Finding the right woman/man to become your bride/groom – CHECK! (this was the hardest part and you got it done!).

–  Finding the perfect wedding destination – CHECK! (Bali is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the world – great choice!).

–  Finding an amazing wedding planner

Hang on, do we really need a wedding planner? Yes, you do!

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Finding the right wedding planner is the next big thing on your checklist because, without this amazing person, your beautiful Bali Wedding just ain’t happening! It is just impossible unless you want to go for a standard hotel wedding package but that’s not why you chose Bali as your wedding destination, is it?

It won’t have your personal touch, it won’t be private and it wouldn’t be special. For an amazing Bali Wedding, you need a very talented and experienced wedding planner by your side.

Your wedding planner is your friend, guide and advisor, someone who listens, inspires and is always there for you when needed. Your Bali Wedding Planner needs to know Bali and the Balinese mentality, he or she should be very capable of handling stressed brides and grooms, calm them down and make everything alright. Your wedding planner is the one who is going to make dream weddings come true.

They want it to be perfect just as much as you do because it’s going to be under their watch – it better be darn good! Passion for that they do, experience, an amazing portfolio and a good personal connection are the key elements you ought to be looking for in your wedding planner. She or he will guide through the jungle of Bali Wedding Madness.

Ask your friends and family, read lots of reviews, scroll around forums and do a bit of Google searching.

It is advisable to make a top 3 and contact all of them and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

– Setting the date

You are dealing with the dry and rainy season here in Bali, peak season and low season which have a huge influence on the cost of wedding venues and such. Discuss the date with your partner and also with your wedding planner to learn about rain precautions and price differences. The more time you have, the better!

– Who is invited? Keeping it intimate or going for a big wedding event

Is it going to be a big wedding with everyone you love + the entire family + their partners or do you want to keep it more intimate? Calculate roughly, how many people will get an invite to your Bali wedding. This is key to finding the right wedding venue and setting the right wedding budget.

– Wedding budget

Your wedding budget is very, very important and you should stick to it! Costs need to be transparent, you need to know what you’ve paid to who and how much of the budget has been spent throughout the wedding planner process. A good wedding planner will guard your wedding budget at all times. Did you know? The average wedding budget of Australian couples getting married in Bali lies between AUS $15,000 and AUS $30.000.

– Paperwork, legality and religion

Getting married always involves some paperwork but Bali weddings get a few extra pages on the pile. For instance, did you know you have to have a religion and your religion needs to be the same as the religion of your partner? Also, if you are Christian, you have no other option than to get married in a church or in a chapel. Interesting facts like these are not to be overlooked! Surely, your wedding planner will assist. Some couples choose to not deal with this complication and have the legal stuff done back home in Australia. The big wedding celebration, however, takes place in Bali in that gorgeous clifftop wedding or whichever wedding venue of your choice.

– The wedding venue & style

Choosing your wedding venue is probably something you will love to be doing. You can see videos and photos of weddings at different fabulous venues on the island and you can start imagining what your wedding will look like on the day. Is it going to be a villa or a wedding chapel, is going to have ocean views, rice paddy views or will it be on the beach? The options are abundant and all are fantastic!

– A wedding that reflects who you are: wedding style

Your Bali Wedding should reflect your style and who you are, so take your time to find the right Bali wedding venue and how you want the venue to be styled, setup and decorated all down to the colour of the flowers, the type of flowers, the aisle and the wedding altar, the wedding cake, the dress and shoes and all the tiny details.

You can even consider going barefoot if your wedding takes place on the beach, adding an extra tropical island touch. Think about it, what are the words that match your wedding style? It is feminine, sophisticated, comfortable and casual, tropical or spiritual? Close your eyes and see the colours, feel the ambience. This is your day and together with your wedding planner, you can design it from scratch just the way you like…

– Hosting: the most beautiful wedding ever!

Remember, you are not just getting married, you are hosting an event overseas and your friends and family are spending lots of money and time to be part of your big day. Naturally, you want them to have a fantastic time but at the same time, you already have a lot on your mind. Luckily, there is always your wedding planner who keeps an eye on everything. Transport, accommodation, food, entertainment – all of the major importance and the right wedding planner will take care of it! Of course, you want your best friends to say it was ‘the best wedding ever’!

– Keep calm!

As your wedding day is approaching you need to keep your head cool, take it easy and trust in your wedding planner. You went over it a million times. The venue, the decorations, the seating arrangement, the cake, the dress, the accommodation, transport. Really, it is just nerves! There is nothing to stress about but of course, you can always contact your wedding planner for a little calm-down-and-relax talk. It is one of the most significant events in your life – of course, you are nervous and emotional and excited and happy and scared and it is okay! You Bali Wedding will be unforgettable and incredible and everything you have always dreamed it to be.

We are Your Bali Wedding specialists and we welcome you to contact us if you are thinking of planning your wedding in Bali. We are passionate experts based right here on the island and we’ve got all the tools and knowledge to make your wedding event exactly how you want it to be.

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