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Can I have a Balinese wedding – exactly the same as the Balinese?

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Balinese weddings are so gorgeous. For those of us that have been to Bali and seen locals get married with all the wonderful colours and magical sights, we just love it.

But, unfortunately unless your a Hindu or your getting married to a Balinese these types of weddings are not allowed I’m afraid.

I know this can be disappointing, especially if you have your heart set on such a wedding style; with the religious priests, the Balinese dancers, the enchanting and melodic Balinese music, the mystical Balinese temple…oh, this would be fabulous. Just imagine the pictures you would have.

All, this can’t happen! 

The Balinese have very strict rules and customer which we all have to respect – they don’t allow non- Balinese weddings to be performed in a Balinese temple. This is fair and rightly so. The Balinese are extremely spiritual people. Having their temples treated as wedding venues would be extremely discourteous & show irreverence to their religious beliefs.

There is good news for those wanting a Bali style wedding

But there is some good news here & it is actually possible to get some elements of a traditional Balinese local wedding incorporated into your wedding theme.  Great news if you really wanted all that goes with a Hindu wedding ceremony.

So, let’s look at what you could have:

You can have what’s termed a Balinese blessing ceremony which is as close the relating as your going to get! What happens here is you get a Balinese priest to perform the blessing ceremony with the same equipments and instruments used in a traditional Balinese ceremony.

At Your Bali wedding we have been asked to have this style wedding with all the extras throwing such as:

Balinese flower decorations, traditional colourful Balinese umbrellas, Balinese prayer flags,  plus you also get the added beauty of those pretty Balinese flower girls and Balinese traditional gamelan music. So basically, you get so many of those wonderful elements with he exception of a few. This is about as close as you can get to a traditional Balinese wedding.

bali blessing ceremony

We find that Balinese blessing ceremonies are popular with couples who want to have some thing slightly different for their wedding rather than a typical western style wedding. After all you are in Bali and your having your wedding in Bali, so why bot incorporate their beautiful, picture perfect &  spiritual culture into your wedding day.

If you love Bali, the people and culture as most of us do, then your certainly going to want their charming wedding elements to be part of your wedding.

The best way to go about organising this is to is speak to your wedding planner who will be able to advice you on what is and what’s not included.

They’ll also be able to give you an indicative idea of costs associated with these Balinese add ons: priests, girls, decorations etc etc.

It’s really a great idea and will add that wow factor, charm &  entertainment value (in a respectful way) to your wedding.

Be warned when having a Bali blessing ceremony

We would also like to warn you when booking your Bali wedding about making sure you get actual priests and not someone dressed up as a priest whose got no idea or nothing to do with weddings. They are just actors and get paid to do this. It happens quite a bit. Sure,youmay not be able to tell the difference but for those in the know there is a huge difference.

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For some wedding inspiration ideas and tips to add that certain Balinese flavour to your big day, talk to Cindy, our head planner at Your Bali Wedding. She’s got heaps of great ideas and ways you can add that pizzazz and authentic Balinese spark, charisma & chemistry to your wedding.

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