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Beach Weddings in Bali – what you need to know

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Planning your beach wedding in Bali is not a matter of rocking up to the beach and having your guests, celebrant and wedding planner all there ready to go. It doesn’t work like that and following are some useful tips for planning and having the perfect beach wedding on this fantastic island.

The most important thing you can do is to engage the services of a wedding planner. They are going to be able to handle all the paper work and planning that goes into a beach wedding. Now, I know that we are wedding planners and this is kind of giving us a free plug, but it is insanity to even think about getting married in Bali or a destination wedding in Bali without a planner holding your hand every step of the way. There are simply far too many pit falls and issues that can unexpectedly pop up. You wedding organiser will mitigate these well in advance. Remember this is all about having fun so please, what ever you do, don’t do this by yourself. You will and we can promise you this, end up in trouble.

If your thinking about having your wedding anywhere between Nov and March note that this is the rainy season and tropical down pours DO happen every day. Last thing you want is those grey, stormy rain clouds appearing right before you are about to hit the beach. Your going to get absolutely soaked so just be prepared for a contingency plan like having a waterproof marquee set up. These storms can last either minutes or hours but you need to be aware of this.

You will need permission from the local Banjar (almost similar to a council – what we have back home here in Australia) to use their part of the beach area. This will involve paying a fee which must be organised by your planner. There’s no way you can do this yourself. I mean, who do you know to contact and how do you know they are the right people. These are the small hiccups that can bring a holt to your wedding ceremony.

Standing on the beach during the ceremony can be exhausting especially during the middle of the day when it can get unbearably hot and very humid. You are going to be sweating constantly which is very uncomfortable. Best time for your wedding is at sunset when the heat is a bit more manageable. Plus you get to witness those fabulous sunsets especially if your on the west side of Bali: Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Canggu etc etc.

Getting to the beach on time can be a real pain especially if you are staying far away from the beach. Balinese traffic (especially in the southern and most popular part of the island) is at most times completely gridlocked so be prepared to give yourself plenty of time and I really mean this! Let’s say for example you are staying in a hotel or villa in Canggu and your wedding in on Seminyak Beach. The distance between these 2 places is not great but the road connecting these 2 areas especially at sunset time is 1 huge traffic jam – you are going to need at least 90 min to travel a couple of kilometres at this time. Last thing you want is to be stressing out in a notorious Seminyak traffic jam. You will need to tell your guests about this point especially if they are coming from other parts of Bali which may be some distance away.

Hope this all helps but as recommended if you do need help organising your beach wedding please get in touch with the team today.

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