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Bali Honeymoons | Overseas Honeymoon Destinations

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Thinking about planning your honeymoon in Bali? If you are looking for that perfect honeymoon destination then it’s hard to go past Bali and here at YOUR BALI WEDDING we not only have one of Bali’s premier wedding planners working for us, but post wedding we are able to help you plan the perfect honeymoon. A honeymoon without any hassles or headaches – let us take care of everything for you so all you have to do is enjoy each other – after all, isn’t that what you want?

Bali is such a fantastic place as an overseas wedding destination and honeymoon. Whether you want to have an adventure, experience a totally different culture, go shopping whilst ‘hubby’ goes surfing, the choices are absolutely limitless. From the mountains in the centre of Bali, through to the beaches in Seminyak and Legian, Bali offers honeymooners an array of things to do unlike any other wedding destination or honeymoon. This is why so many Australian couple prefer to have their wedding and honeymoon in Bali over any other overseas wedding location – it’s a no brainer; Bali is absolutely perfect for couples of any age.

Things to do on your Bali honeymoon
The choices here are so many that it’s really hard to write them all down but from lazing by the pool with a good book, right through to surfing great beaks like Uluwatu, to snorkeling or scuba diving the great reefs, it’s up to you how far you want to take your adventures. It’s totally up to you – but we will be there on call at your Villa to assist in anything you may need.

Plus & I want to emphasis this point here; most of the activities in Bali are quite cheap. You don’t have to spend a small fortune doing these great things as you might in other honeymoon destinations. Bali can be quite inexpensive, which means that there is more money left over for heaps of shopping or going to some uber stylish restaurants and nightclubs in Seminyak.

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Bali offers so much for all couples on their honeymoon and both of you can literally live like kings and queens on any sized budget.

All you need to do is have an open mind and be prepared too be pleasantly surprised. Bali is, if you have never been there before, going to open your eyes to a completely new tourist friendly culture with warm smiles, extremely friendly and hospitable people who love to engage with tourists. From the moment you step outside your private villa ( if you choose to go that way – we highly recommend this as something very cool to do), to walking in the street, browsing at all the local shops and restaurants, to getting a midday massage, finally ending up sitting on the beach and watching the sunset, Bali is the ultimate romantic honeymoon backdrop. Once you have been here, chances are you are going to keep on coming back, year after year. Honeymoons are just the beginning – wait till you want to take the kids here for the family holiday!

Why use Your Bali Wedding to help plan your wedding and honeymoon?

– we have over 14 years experience in planning weddings for Australian couples.
our head wedding planner Cindy has worked with most of the well known, prestigious hotels in Bali’s and can bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to your special day.

– we have close ties with many wedding suppliers and contractors in Bali such as; florists, wedding dressmakers, wedding venues, villa accommodation, caterers so you can rest easy that everything will go extremely smoothly on your wedding day.

– we can handle any size wedding; from 10 guests right up to hundreds, it doesn’t matter. We have the processes so fine tuned and we know what we are doing so well that we can handle the largest weddings, without any problems.

– If you need a place for your guests as well as yourselves to stay – we can organise this for you with our close ties with BALI VILLA ESCAPES – imaging having your own totally private and luxurious villa for the length of your honeymoon.

What to pack for your Bali honeymoon?
Packing is super simple and very light – most people want travel as light as possible and fill up their bags with all the gorgeous shopping at your doorstep. Think swimmers, boardies, sarongs, and some basic hot weather clothing and you have it. It’s a hot, humid climate so never over pack or think that you are going to get cold, cause you wont.

Getting to Bali

Jetstar, Garuda and Virgin all have daily flights to Bali and are all about the same price. Most flights are under the 6-7 hour mark; from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but if you are flying from Perth its about 3-4 hours. Remember, you have to have at least 6 months left on your passport and you can get your Visa on arrival at Denpasar airport. Even better some airlines have on board immigration, so you don’t have to queue up when you arrive. It’s straight to the pool for a swim!

For more information on your wedding or honeymoon get in touch with us today here at YOUR BALI WEDDING.

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