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Top Bali Wedding Venues For 2015 -2016

Finding your wedding venue in Bali is not as hard as it would seem. With the team at Your Bali Wedding helping you plan your wedding, finding the best venue is now super easy. Many couples used to prefer having their wedding and ceremony in one of those ‘uber’ cool hotels in Seminyak. It was extremely fashionable and common. The only issue was that it was starting to get really pricey and you were probably likely to stay in the hotel for a week or so for your honeymoon.

The tide has turned in the last couple of years with many Australian and overseas couples looking to have their wedding ceremony in a more private and luxurious location, such as a villa. In fact, villa weddings in Bali are now really common. How do I know? Well by the amount of inquiries we get on our website on a daily basis. Couple really want to have a unique wedding experience that they could not get with those cookie cutter style / tacky weddings that were on offer by the hotel chains. I mean all those guests gawking at you whilst the photos were being taken…honestly how bad is that?

Villa weddings are all the rage now because they offer so much more sophistication, class, style and the ability to customise the wedding specifically to your taste. If you have been to a hotel wedding and a villa wedding in Bali, you will know what I mean. The difference is like night and day, especially when it has been arranged by a professional wedding planner.

For those brides wanting a really memorable experience I thought I would highlight some wedding venues we have that are not only very affordable but are large enough to accommodate any wedding group and small enough for those intimate weddings.

Istana in Uluwatu – this villa has the most incredible view over the ocean and is located in the southern part of the island in an area known as Uluwatu. Not too difficult to get to and about an hour drive from Seminyak. This is a seriously cool venue and I can’t think of any other villa that will leave an impression. It’s ideal for the larger wedding and can host up to 150 guests. If you want to splurge big time – then this is the venue.

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Villa Sanctuary – Expansive lawns, 10 bedrooms and a gorgeous pool make this villa a great venue for a wedding. Browse through the photos on our website and you will see why this setting is absolutely perfect for a wedding.

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Villa Puribawana Canggu – This absolutely mind blowing luxurious villa caters for up to 100  guests. It has extensive manicured green lawns where you will have plenty of room entertainment and where your guests can let their hair down. A 15 minute taxi ride to Seminyak makes this villa an idea and centrally located wedding venue.

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Villa Pushpapuri – located in the south eastern part of the island this wedding venue gives you so many great photo opportunities that you will be spooled for choice. Will it be by the water, by the pool or in the garden.

With a 20 metre pool and a poolside bar you and your guests can really relax after the ceremony. If you want to stay at Pushpapuri for your honeymoon there is a full time chef, concierge, housemaids, on site massage therapist and if you or your guests want to explore the island a baby sitter can be organised. A world class wedding venue that will leave a lasting memorable impression.

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Villa Atas Ombak – A centrally located villa near Legian this has to be one of the hottest wedding venue villas in Bali. Situated right on the beach you and your guests are going to absolutely love the setting as well as all the trappings that this villa has to offer. It can easily accommodate up to 200 guests so if you are planning a large reception then this is the place. Your guests can easily find accommodation in the nearby Legian or Seminyak area or alternatively they can contact us for the best holiday villa accommodation in Bali.

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