about your bali wedding

About Your Bali Wedding

Santi Komaladewi The Princess of the Wedding Process

Everywhere you go in Bali everyone knows Santi, she is so well connected in the wedding industry in Bali given the years of experience and multifaceted roles she has had, she is a gift to the team at Your Bali Wedding and our go to girl for all things. Her favourite thing about being a wedding planner is weaving her client’s dreams into a reality through developing a relationship with them.

When asked about her favourite wedding, she looks aghast and says she cannot possibly choose as she loves them all equally and cries at every ceremony.

“Some people come with a clear idea of what they want and if they do, I just bring it all together. If they don’t, I work with them to find a concept that represents who they are as a couple.”

“In the beginning, I always say to new clients, ‘trust your planner.’ If you don’t trust us, it impacts the efficiency of the process, and you won’t enjoy it as much.”

The Process

Santi is efficient, resourceful, and organised, viewing each wedding in terms of the process and the outcome. She loves the process because this is where she builds her relationship with her clients. Most of the clients at Your Bali Weddings are from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, The USA and the UK, so most of the meetings take place via video call.

Around six to eight months from the nuptials, Santi
begins to create a buzz by discussing food, venues, and decorations. She said: “After this, we start talking about the guests, and we make mood boards to check everything is correct.”

About two months from the date of the wedding ceremony, Santi sends the bride and groom a timeline and summary. This document deals with the little details for the day including the song selection, the specifics of the service, and a full running schedule. Santi said: “Your Bali Weddings recommends that clients arrive on the island a minimum of a few days before to take care of any last-minute details.”

Supported by the Your Bali wedding planning lounge, Santi loves having a system that allows such transparency and collaboration with her clients, from checklists, timelines, budgeting, seat planning to a personalised design studio and website, the YBW planning lounge has everything needed to support Santi and her clients.

About Santi

After high school, Santi studied for a year at secretarial school before getting a job in high-end fashion retail. In this role, she worked with exclusive brands, managed the junior staff, dealt with the administration, and looked after new clients.

She moved to Bali in 2012 to use her well-honed organisational skills to plan and execute weddings. In her spare time, she likes watching movies and cooking Indonesian food. She also loves to travel and has ticked off Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia from her bucket list.

Nothing is impossible for a Bali wedding

Santi is described by her couples and colleagues as a “yes” girl. As a big picture visionary coupled with her resourcefulness and amazing contacts, she can make anything happen, no request has gone unfulfilled thus far. Santi’s character is very gentle and serene with an underlying strength that enables her to make things happen whilst maintaining a composure and aura that keeps everyone around her happy, comfortable and calm.

Santi loves arranging weddings on the island of the gods and says that nothing is impossible in Bali. With that can-do attitude and her exceptional administrative skills, she truly is the Princess of the Process.

One of her recent clients wrote:

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make our day so special if it wasn’t for you then I’m sure it would not have been half so successful. Your commitment to keeping this operation on track has been flawless, and you have been on call 24/7 for any WhatsApp or Skype sessions, which was beyond our expectations.”