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Private Villas, Wedding Packages, Honeymoon Activities We Have Got It Sorted For You.

If you are looking to get married in Bali and want 1 company to handle everything for you, then you have come to the right website. We can handle everything you could ever want for your wedding including; luxurious private villa accommodation for you and your guests, the entire ceremony, reception, all the catering, flowers, make-up, all your honeymoon activities, airport transfers – basically anything you could want to make your wedding day the best it could possibly be.

From the moment you get in touch with us, right through the whole planning, organising and the actual wedding day, you are going to find that dealing with the team at YOUR BALI WEDDING a very simple and easy process.


Cause we have organised 100’s of weddings in Bali for Australians and know the very best suppliers, venues and villa accommodation in Bali. That’s right – there is no need for you to shop around and look for different people to handle separate parts of your wedding. We can do the lot and take the hassle away from you so that you can not only save money but you can focus on looking forward to your wedding day and getting excited about the event rather than fully stressing. You will deal and work with 1 point of contact who will look after you and manage the entire process.

The really big advantage of using us rather than going to some big hotel, is that we can fully customise your wedding to suit your needs. If you want to have it by the ocean that’s fine. Prefer your wedding ceremony in your private villa grounds, that can be organised as well. See, it really doesn’t matter cause we are able to tailor make your wedding in Bali so that is fits your exact requirements. We handle everything, down to the finest details. Imagine having 50 invited guest and all the hassle that goes along with that – leave it to us to organise everything, even the villa accommodation for each guest. It’s such a perfect fit.

Using hotel reception areas for your wedding seems really impersonal to me. It’s a cookie cutter wedding template that is like every other Bali wedding. You are treated exactly the same as all other guests and there is nothing stand out or really special. This is why we offer the perfect alternative. Make your wedding something that you will remember in years to come. Make it unique, very special and make it YOUR WAY!


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