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Great Tips for Planning Your Wedding in Bali

Getting married in Bali is a very memorable experience and to make sure that your wedding in Bali is as perfect as you would like it to be I have outlined some great tips if you are planning to get married in Bali. That very special wedding day will be even more perfect if you follow some of these golden tips we have picked up over the many years as being one of Bali’s top wedding planning companies. Getting married in Bali should be as easy as getting married in your own country. Luckily for those couples wishing to tie the knot in this island paradise they can always turn to us to help them plan their wedding.

Have a Realistic Wedding Budget in Mind

Having your wedding in Australia is not really that much different when it comes to having a realistic budget for the entire wedding. The real difference when having someone organise your wedding for you in the tropical paradise island of Bali is the cost. What I mean by this it will be considerably cheaper having your wedding in Bali than in Australia. But the point we make here to all our clients is that they need to be very realistic when it comes to a budget. Sure Bali is cheap and in some cases extremely cheap. But, when it comes to your wedding day you really have to set aside a reasonable budget to make things perfect.

Think about it for a minute.

You still have photographers, food, the venue, flowers, the music,  alcohol as well as the entertainment PLUS the villa accommodation to take into account. All this costs money and whilst you are in Bali and yes things are cheaper here – you still need to be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of money if you are after the type of experience most people are looking for in a tropical wedding setting.

By this I mean you want that memorable, magical and exotic experience and all this does come at a cost – so be warned and be prepared.

Luckily at YOUR BALI WEDDING we have heaps of great local contacts that have all been fully screened for value, reliability, punctuality service and price. We will help you save as much money as we can for every part of your wedding. All costs will be fully detailed to you with options before we do anything.

Wedding Villas

Are going to be a lot cheaper than hiring out a venue in a hotel. Hotel venues can become booked out especially during peak seasons and prices generally spike during these periods. Hence you can be paying a small fortune by having your wedding in any of the more well known hotels.
If you are looking for great value for money PLUS an exotic location that is totally private, the best thing you could do would be to have your wedding reception at a Villa.

If you are having many guests fly in for the event don’t worry. Most wedding villas are large enough to cater for a large number of people. Having 100 or 200 people attend your wedding in Bali, not a problem. We are able to find a villa that can accommodate this perfectly. Thinking about a small intimate wedding ceremony, again this is easy to organise as there are smaller more boutique style villas that are just perfect for such an occasion.

The massive advantage of having your own private villa in Bali is that you can have the wedding ceremony and reception all in the same place – so convenient and so easy for you and your guests.

As a wedding planner we are able to find your post wedding villa accommodation through our other company called Bali Villa Escapes.

villa wedding accommodation in bali

We will take the stress away from the hassle of finding  the right villa as we manage & market well over 925 holiday villas in Bali.

Catholic weddings in Bali

If you are of the Catholic faith and you are planning to keep the tradition of having a religious ceremony in Bali then you need to know that the Catholic Indonesian Church has strict rules regarding marriage. This means that you will have to get married inside one of their Churches and no where else. Only then can you proceed to your Villa for the party. Please note it is only the Catholic denomination that has these strict rules. All other Christian faiths will allow you to tie the know wherever you like.

Legal paperwork

Speak to your wedding planner about all the legalities and paper work that you must bring with you to Bali for your wedding. It is not as simple as turning up, so make sure you are aware of all the necessary paper work before you even think about leaving home.

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Watch out for the rainy season in Bali

Bali being a tropical climate has only 2 seasons; wet and dry. If you are wanting to have your wedding between the months of November and March be careful as it is the wet season. Afternoon tropical downpours are great to watch but if you are having your wedding outside you may want to take this into account. If your having a garden or beach wedding in a villa in the rainy season, you can dodge the rain but just to be sure make sure the wedding planner has taken precautions such as tarps and areas where the guests can congregate out of the rain.

Beware of cheap wedding packages

Falling for these types of scams is quite easy. Yes they may be legitimate wedding operators but they will offer and promote cheap wedding packages in order to get you to commit to them but watch out for all the add ons later on.

The costs can escalate and you may not be able to get out of your contract as you may have paid a hefty deposit. Rule of thumb is to make sure all costs associated with your wedding are detailed upfront. If they are promoting out of this world, to good to be true deals then I would steer well clear of these types of supposed specials.

There are tons of these ‘shonky’ operators out there so really be very aware of their introductory deals that are there to lull you into thinking you are getting a great deal.

The very best thing you can do is to hire a Wedding Planner in Bali that has the local experience, the contacts and the know how to handle every facet of your wedding. Choosing the right wedding planner can often be a difficult decision so make sure you do your home work and due diligence – OR EVEN better why not get in touch with the team at Your Bali Wedding.

Consultations are totally free so you have nothing to loose. We make getting hitched in Bali super easy and effortless.