10 Advantages of a having your wedding in BALI

For those couples thinking about having their wedding in Bali they may be wondering if it is a good idea. I mean there are so many things that can go wrong with a destination wedding, especially in a place like Bali where the culture and laws are so different from our back home in Australia.

Here at Your Bali Wedding we thought we would put your mind at ease about having your wedding in Bali by highlighting 10 advantages of having your wedding in Bali.

#1 A common question we get asked all the time is what is the cost of a wedding in Bali? It’s  a lot cheaper than having your wedding back in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or USA. That’s right. We all know how cheap Bali can be and this means you can save probably up to 50% on the cost of your wedding. Wedding venues, food, flowers, alcohol, the ceremony even the flowers and photographers are cheaper. This way you can put the money you save on your wedding towards your honeymoon…which leads me straight on point number 2.

# 2: You can have your honeymoon in a tropical paradise right after you finish your wedding. In some cases the wedding ceremony can be at a villa and this is where you will be staying – how perfect is that.

# 3: The culture is so different to what we are used to in Australia that it makes for a memorable and unique wedding experience. Just imagine having your ceremony by the cliffs at Uluwatu or near the beach at Seminyak – there are so many exotic places where you can say your vows. Plus the wedding photos afterwards are going to be incredible. make sure you speak to Cindy and her team of expert wedding planners about organising the photography so that you get some classic sunset photos. Bali is really a magical island where you find romance blossoms and it’s the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding.

# 4: It’s not to far from Australia so getting there from most capital cities is less than 6 hours. This means there’s little or no jet lag and it’s easy for friends and family to fly over for the wedding. On top of this, airfares are pretty cheap. Jetstar and Virgin offer great deals if you are planning your wedding outside the school holiday period.

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# 5: Bali is such a romantic place that having your honeymoon here is a no brainer! Great restaurants, fantastic shopping, top sightseeing, adventure are all rolled into 1 neat honeymoon package to keep you and your partner busy 24/7. On the other hand if you prefer to just chill out and relax by your own private pool villa then that’s also totally do-able. At Your Bali Wedding we partner with Bali Villa Escapes ( a villa management agency) so we can hook you up with fantastic, luxurious honeymoon villas. Again, Cindy and her team will be able to help your arrange this.

# 6: You can get legally married in Bali and this will be binding back home. There is a bit of paper work involved depending on your nationality and religion. The Your Bali Wedding team will help you through this entire process.

# 7: Bali’s weather is warm and tropical the whole year so  getting married there means you don’t have to worry about those coldJUne,  July, August winter wedding days. his is also the dry period in Bali so the risk of rain is low.

# 8: Organising a wedding venue in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane that your really like may also be popular with other couples and you may not get the venue your like. Fortunately in Bali there are so many awesome venues that finding the right one that suits your requirements is generally easy to do. Fancy getting married in a chapel by the ocean – not a problem there are many of these. How about a venue in a tropical garden – this is easy as there are also many garden style weddings.

# 9: In Australia you are fairly limited by what you can do with your wedding. Try and go outside the norm and you can expect to pay a small fortune. In Bali we can customise weddings based on your specific requirements and if your want a certain theme or style, we can do it all for you at a much lower price.

# 10: Lastly, it’s just fun. The planning, the anticipation and finally the actual day are all something that is planned well in advance so all you have to do is make it over here. Having a wedding planner handle the whole event for you is such a fantastic idea as we do all the running around &  leg work. We deal with suppliers, hotel/villa venues, celebrants and all the contractors. This makes it so easy for you. We get the wedding brief upfront, including the budget and then we tailor make a wedding that’s going to absolutely blow you away. All you have to do is read some of our testimonials from happy couples.

So there you go. !0 reasons why you should be getting married in Bali. What’s next? Contact Cyra and her team or simply fill out the inquiry form on the website and we will get back to you that day. we have been helping Australian couples get married in Bali since 2005 – we are probably the largest and most well respected wedding planning company on the island. Just see for yourself!

12 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Bali Wedding

Having your dream wedding in Bali might seem easy but there are pitfalls and issues. Get it wrong and the day could turn out a disaster. So following are some useful tips to help you avoid making those mistakes that are so easy to make when planning and having your wedding in Bali. These are golden tips based on years of experience in planning and organising countless Bali weddings.

Having far too many wedding events

Yes Bali is exciting and yes you want to cram as much shopping, sightseeing in as possible. But all this can be exhausting for you and your guests. Leave some down time, enjoy some peace and quiet before the big day. If you must be an action hero or a sight seeing junkie, leave it for the honeymoon.

Going to places that are too far apart

You want to do and see it all. Yet you do not want to be stretched too thin either. There is only one of you so limit travel times to a minimum as traffic in Bali can be horrible. You do not want to be stuck in traffic chaos and jams especially those in Seminyak or Canggu. This just puts a dampener on everything and spoils the mood. If you can keep it local and not too far from the hotel or villa.

Choosing the wrong season

Oct through March is traditionally the rainy season in Bali. Tropical downpours are common and it can in some cases go on for a few hours. Some weeks it can be cloudy for days on end. Not ideal for the picture postcard Bali wedding you were anticipating. Keep this in mind when planning your wedding dates. Having said that, most venues offer under cover reception areas so you can stay well out of those monsoon thunderstorms.

Not entertaining the guests

This might seem like a no brainer but I thought I would put it here. Your guests will have come a long way and they should be entertained with a reception or party after the ceremony. Most people would think it odd not to do this but – just in case you might think that the guests will want to leave after the ceremony and go on their merry way elsewhere…definitely not.

Choosing a small venue

You may have a limited budget and want to save on costs but choosing a smaller venue because it’s cheap is not a good idea. Also, some small venues may have a great ocean, rice field or beach view, but they may be too cramped for the number of guests you are having. Keep space in mind when in Bali and things can get very hot in the tropics.

Under estimating the number of people attending

Leave a lot of time for people to RSVP. Bali is a great destination for a holiday so people may leave their decision to the last minute and on an impulse think….why not have a holiday in Bali. Always think that for a destination wedding you will get 40-50% of people showing up.

Partying too hard before the wedding

Bali has some serious nightlife. You do not want to be burnt out by the time the wedding comes around. Yes you may be there with your best friends but pace yourself. This way you will be able to live it up on the wedding day and honeymoon.

Forgetting to drink water

Bali is hot to make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. You do not want heat stroke or to be sick on your wedding day all because you haven’t drunk enough water.

Not relaxing by your private pool in the villa

 If you are coming from a cold climate or winter from another country, you want to enjoy your villa pool time and relax. Get acclimatised so you are not a heaving sweaty mess on your wedding day.

Spending all your wedding money very quickly

Bali can be very cheap. There is so much temptation every where and vendors are at you the whole time to buy something. What happens is because it’s cheap you end up spending more…watch out for this trap.

Not choosing the right villa

Do your homework. If you are planning to have a villa wedding in Bali and then stay in a villa for the rest of your time, make sure you get your wedding planner to come up with a list of villas for the reception/ceremony and the honeymoon. There are so many choices and styles of villas – basically the list is endless. You are therefore in the drivers seat as you will have many options. Base your choice of size, facilities and location of villa. Most people tend to stay in Seminyak or Canggu so this is a good starting point for you.

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I have put this in caps because I think it is a critical component of having a successful wedding in Bali. If you choose the right wedding planner they can take care of everything for you. Photographers, DJ’s, venues, villa accommodation, flowers, cakes, catering, videos, they can organise the lot. They have the contacts, they can get the best deals and above all if they are any good they can really put some imagination into your wedding.

Bali is not an easy place to organise things. Sure, you can book your flight, hotel and go out for dinner, but to organise a complicated wedding ( and there are issues with language barriers) can be more trouble than it’s worth. You do not want to be doing this yourself. Trust me when I tell you this – there are just far too many variables to consider when planning a destination wedding in Bali, Indonesia. Things can go wrong really quickly. So for your special wedding day and honeymoon, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who have done this many many times before. They have got all the local contacts and know all the problems that might arise. Don’t leave things to chance just because you might save a few dollars. It will end up costing you more in the long run. Plus it will ruin your wedding. This is the last thing you want to happen!

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If you are thinking about getting married in Bali and need a wedding planner / organiser please get in touch with our professional team today – we will make this a hassle & stress free, memorable day for you.

Pre-Wedding Pampering in Bali

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. As a wedding planner it is my goal and responsibility to ensure I have done everything possible to make the ride to the wedding and the walk down the aisle one of your greatest memories

Luckily, living in Bali gives me an added advantage to achieving this goal. Anyone who has been to Bali is aware that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to pampering.

In nearly every part of the island you will be able to find unbelievably satisfying & relaxing day spas. Each offering the best of traditional Balinese massage, beauty treatments, body scrubs, floral baths & yes, you can let your imagination run wild. Whatever pampering you desire, Bali has it on offer.

A massage in Bali can start from as little as five dollars (Aud) an hour and depending on what level of luxury you are after prices will vary.

Here are some of the most luxurious day spas around Bali that provide uniquely affordable and heavenly experiences, which will no doubt leave you in a state of pure relaxation and rejuvenation– making you feel relaxed and ready for your wedding day.

For the Bali Bride

This is a great day spa in Seminyak that offers everything you could possible want for your pre wedding nails, make up & hair. Make sure you mention Your Bali Wedding for special treatment as they partner with us. Their website is https://www.glospabali.com

glospa seminyak bali brides

For the princesses & princes

The Aqua Perla Spa at the Double Six in Seminyak is well known for using the skincare industries most luxurious and proven products. The day spa itself is a visual masterpiece; designed by some of the worlds leading architects. From the moment you step in the door you can’t help but feel the calm energy of the spa slowly relax you. The Aqua Perla has one-of-a-kind hydro-detox therapies to remove impurities from the body and restore clarity to the mind. You’ll leave feeling like royalty and your skin will have a radiating glow that says ‘here comes the sensationally beautiful bride’.

day spas for the bali bride - Aqua Perla Spa

Carrying stress in the shoulders?

Just a short 5-minute walk from Ku De Ta & Potato Head you will find Body Works day spa. Bodyworks Seminyak specialises in personlised massage therapies. Using traditional techniques based on Chinese medicine, a Prognos Vitality Diagnosis will map out your body energy and allow the massage therapist to provide you with a massage that your body actually needs!

The perfect massage for anyone with hidden nerves, pre-wedding jitters, or just doesn’t have enough time to meditate those negative thoughts away – let the experts at BodyWork slowly massage away any stresses or nerves that you just don’t need.  

day spas in seminyak for the bali bride

For alone time

Located in the Yoga capital of Bali, the Sankara Spa was designed to capture and embrace the unparalleled peace and calm of Ubud. The tranquillity of the Sankara Spa is a perfect haven for a couple wanting privacy, intimacy and mutual rejuvenation. With just two treatment rooms and a total of four massage beds overlooking the natural surroundings, this day spa will let you easily slip into a world where only you and your fiancé exist. The handful of beauty and massage therapists of Sankara Spa specialise in couple massages –harmonising each other’s energies for a transcendent experience like nothing you’ve ever had before.

For the soul searchers

“Matter is the most spiritual perfume in the plant” A spa dedicated to channelling the energies of the body through all five senses. The Kori Ubud is the home of essential oils and aromatic spices. Each attentive and intuitive therapist creates a unique and customised blend of aroma’s in-sync with the type of treatment you are seeking. The professionally trained massage and beauty therapists at the Kori Ubud really know what they are doing when it comes to creating a whole body spirit & mind experience.

For the Balinese at heart

The Jamu Traditional Spa in Sanur encompasses the best of ancient Balinese massage and beauty techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Preserving traditional Balinese secrets for the ultimate healing and wellness for the body & soul. Jamu not only uses these natural techniques for massage but for a wide array of beauty treatments. You will be able to enjoy many kinds of all-natural facials using tropical nuts, fresh fruit peel, rose petals, papaya & pineapple nectars.

For the couple that met at yoga

The Maya Spa at Ubud perfectly combines all things Bali; with tours of rice fields, yoga sessions, cooking classes and a range of traditional body & relaxation treatments. My two favourite packages at the Maya Spa are the Morning @ Maya and the Day @ Maya.

The Morning @ Maya includes a morning yoga session, followed by a relaxing traditional Balinese massage. You then have a choice of a facial or whole body scrub and then end of the morning with a luxurious rose petal two-hour bath.

The Day @ Maya package comprises a morning yoga session that will stretch and flex your entire body. You will then head off on an escorted light rice field trek and have a traditional Balinese and Indonesian cooking class. After your delicious lunch you will enjoy all the benefits of the Morning @ Maya package; the Balinese massage, choice of facial or whole body scrub and rose petal bath.

days spas in ubud for the bali bride

Book at least one day in advanced and you will be spoilt with foot reflexology and use of the resorts swimming pools.