10 reasons why Bali is the DREAM wedding destination

For those of you planning to get married and are thinking about a destination wedding then Bali should really be very high on your wish list. Bali, is unlike any other destination. It has it’s own unique character hard to define that you will not find anywhere else in the world and this is the reason why so many Australian’s choose Bali as their preferred wedding destination.

The team at Your Bali Wedding thought we would put together our 10 reasons why we feel Bali is such a great place to have your wedding.

1) The main reason why Bali is such a great place to have your dream wedding is the price. You will find that having a wedding in Bali, even using the services of an expert wedding planner works out much cheaper than back home in Australia. Plus you get more ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak. To find out the cost of having your wedding in Bali speak to us today!

2) Where else can you have a wedding with such gorgeous back drops and exciting venues. Just imagine having a wedding in your own private pool villa with the ocean or rice fields as the back drop. All outside venues and areas in Bali are screaming romance. You simply cannot compare it to anywhere else in the world.

3) Bali is such a great honeymoon destination and what better way to celebrate your marriage than have it on such a unique island with your friends and family. Most couples that have their wedding in Bali, usually come with a group of anywhere between 20-50 people. This means you can enjoy this island paradise on your wedding day & honeymoon with the people who mean the most to you.

4) The weather in Bali is tropical so this means you get to escape the cold Australian winters and have your wedding in a warm, tropical climate.

5) One thing most travellers say about Bali after they have visited the place is the people. They are the friendliest in the world. Their smiles and warm greetings are a reason people keep on coming back year after year. Why would you want to have your wedding in Australia when you can have it with such amiable and friendly people?

6) Put simply, Bali is exotic. The smells, the noises, the food, the constant buzz all combine to make Bali an eclectic mix that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s an exciting and at the same time extremely romantic holiday destination perfect for your wedding.

7) It’s really convenient. You don’t have to travel anywhere for your honeymoon as your already in paradise.

8) If you get a good wedding planner you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of and all your suppliers; food, music, venues, photographers and flowers will be first class. Bali has some really decent wedding planners but finding the right one is the trick. Perhaps you should start by inquiring with us here at Your Bali Wedding. You do hear some horror stories about people getting married overseas but nothing like that happens when you work with us. Make the inquiry now and you’ll see why we are Bali’s preferred wedding planner by hundreds of happy Australian couples.

9) If your getting married in Seminyak, Canggu, or Uluwatu there are many day spas nearby where you can get yourself completely pampered before the big day. Nails, hair, waxing etc can all be done at some fabulous day spas near your villa where you will be staying. Your wedding planner will be able to tell you about the best spas in Bali but here are some great places to get your nails done in Seminyak.

10) Lastly, whatever your into: surfing, sightseeing, restaurants & cafes, mountain bike riding, photography, culture, yoga, cooking, scuba diving or simply relaxing in the comfort and privacy of your own villa Bali has something for everyone and this is the main reason why it’s the best place in the world to have your wedding. Obviously, we are wedding planners so we are a bit biased but have a look around, do your research and we are sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as us; Bali is perfect is so many respects so having your wedding here is a no brainer.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Bali? 10 Important facts

For those planning to have a destination wedding in Bali there are some really important facts you need to know about before leaving Australia or your home country. Simply arriving there and expecting to tie the knot is foolish; there needs to be some serious planning involved and for this reason the team at Your Bali Wedding has compiled a list of important facts that you really need to read before you even think about a destination wedding in Bali

# 1: This might seem like a no brainer but you need to have a wedding planner to organise the event for you. Sure you can do it yourself in Australia but when it comes to a foreign country like Bali you are going to need a planner. Doing it yourself it a recipe for disaster – don’t even think about it. There are a hand full of really decent wedding planners in Bali so go online, do your research and make the contact. If you think you will save some money with a DIY approach, you are dreaming especially in Bali where there are many pitfalls and wedding scams going around.

# 2: You will need to call your Consular in Indonesia and see what legal documents are required. To be married legally in Bali, really depends on your country and their respective laws so make sure you call the consulate and get all the necessary documents in place before you leave home. Doing it in Bali can in some cases be too late, making the wedding null and void.

# 3: If you intend on having guests come along they will need accommodation organised. This is a huge area and you really need to work out whether they are going to stay in a villa or a hotel. The villa option is a really good idea as you can get some really large villas that can accommodate large groups of people in one place. Obviously, you are going to have your honeymoon in Bali so you can either choose to stay alone privately or with your guests in a villa. There are toes of options and your wedding planner will be able to hook you up with the best solution. A good tip here is to choose the area you like ( Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu or Ubud etc) and have everything nearby. Why? As you do not want to be stuck in traffic getting from place to place. Trust me when I tell you it can be a nightmare getting around. Preferably everything should be in 1 place.

# 4: Be realistic about budgets. Yes Bali is cheaper but your really need to have a decent budget if you expect to have a good experience. I know the type of weddings we help plan and they all range between the $10-$30 000 mark – this is a healthy budget and will get you a wedding with all the extras you could possibly want: cake, music, alcohol, venue, celebrant, flowers, food transport, dress etc. But, make sure you give us your ideal budget and we will customise a wedding based on this designed to give you and your guests the best possible experience.

# 5: What ever you do, please do not leave things to the last minute. Bali is a really popular destination and things especially hotels, villas, venues and plane flights get booked out, so make sure you get in well ahead and book 6-12 months in advance. There are NO good deals leaving it till the last minute. It will just stress you out even more.

# 6: Remember the rainy season is from November till March so if your planning and outdoor ceremony or reception it may very well rain, so keep this in mind. If you are limited by time, I would suggest and in door reception and ceremony in a villa. These are really popular and there are dozens of fabulous Bali wedding venues that we can recommend.

# 7: If your going to use a wedding planner do your research as stated previously there are a lot of dubious companies out there looking to make a quick buck on your behalf – don’t let it be you, especially on such an important day!

# 8: If your bringing your wedding dress from Australia speak to your airline before hand about how they are going to transport it. If you are particular about this it may have to go as special luggage,, but just double check in case.

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# 9: Take travel insurance – no need to explain this further.

# 10: Just enjoy yourself and have a good time. Try to get here a few days before so you can unwind and get used to the heat. Most of you have probably been to Bali before so you know what to expect but fort those newbie’s it is very hot so you will need some time to acclimate to the heat.

Hope this helps but if you need any other information we are here to answer any questions you may have about planning your perfect day.

Marrying in Bali, what are the Legal Implications

Many Australian couples believe it or not, will pack their bags and head off to some exotic destination for their wedding. Getting married overseas is a great way to celebrate this occasion with friends & family. Bali is the ideal wedding destination because it offers so many options for couples that would be impossible back home.

But, before you jet off and tie the knot there are some important facts you need to know and should be aware of. Travelling overseas to get married is an awesome idea but you MUST make sure that you also comply with local Australian laws, in this way you are legally married when you arrive back here in Australia.

Getting Legally Married in Bali.

Contact the Australian Embassy to find out the exact ramifications of getting married in say Bali as an example. Then, see if you will be getting married by a celebrant or religious leader and find out what paper work you will be getting and if it is valid in Australia. If you are still in doubt get in touch with the team here at YOUR BALI WEDDING and we will clearly explain to you the processes of getting married in Bali and the legal implications back home.

Saying that it is possible to get legally married in Bali. It is also possible and this is something that you need to be aware of, that you can get married in Bali without the legal implications being enforced back home in Australia. That is you can have your Balinese wedding but it won’t mean anything in Australia unless you do the paperwork back home. So in reality Bali is the fun part of the whole experience; the ceremony, the after party, the honeymoon, having the guests all fly over and perhaps stay in a private Villa, but the boring part happens in Oz.

These types of Bali weddings are usually conducted by a local celebrant that can be organised by your wedding planner. These celebrants are generally non denominational, so if you are after something that is specific to your religious faith then I suggest you speak with your planner to organise this well beforehand.

If you do not want to have a celebrant but prefer a friend or relative to conduct the ceremony that’s fine as well. Around 25-35% of couples go down this path. Remember that the essential legally binding paper work must be done in Australia if the marriage is to be legally binding.

A Balinese Traditional Wedding Ceremony

To add a small amount of confusion to the mix you can also get legally married in Bali but you should check with the Australian consulate as stated above what is legally binding back in Australia. Here is a link to the Australian Consulate in Indonesia.

The thing is that you must comply with Indonesian laws if the marriage is to be considered legal – we cannot give advice about this so I STRONGLY URGE and recommend that you seek your own legal advice about this. Getting married in Bali, Indonesia is exotic, romantic and unique but what sticks in Indonesia may not necessarily hold here in Aust legally.

Ok, let me elaborate on this point a bit further. To become husband and wife legally in Indonesia, you have to have both a religious and civil ceremony, which are generally done at the same time. Again, this is to comply with Indonesian laws and may not comply locally – so do your due diligence before you do anything.

Some interesting facts you should be aware of when getting legally married in Indonesia:

  • both couples have to be of the same religion. If one is say Christian and the other is Hindu, this does mean that the other has to convert BUT they have to verbally say they are of the same belief and religion. A mere formality BUT it is something that you should know before you go down this path.
  • Indonesia recognises most main religions including; Catholic, Hindu, Buddhism, Islam and most Christian based faiths.
  • The great thing about having your wedding ion Bali is that is can be done almost anywhere: beach wedding, in your villa, on a scenic cliff top, near rice fields or at one of the better restaurants in Bali – the whole experience and beauty about getting married in Bali is that it’s completely different to what you are used to; so take advantage of this and enjoy yourself. This however does exclude couples of the Catholic faith as they MUST get married in a church.
  • You must obtain a certificate called the ‘Notice of Intention to Marry’ as well as a ‘ Certificate of non- Impediment’. Make sure you speak with Cindy our head wedding planner here at Your Bali Wedding for these details on how to get these and what to do. Or leave it to us and we will organise this for you. Make sure you have handy all birth certificates, legal documents confirming your individual status (single, divorced, widow) and a copy of all Indonesian visas.

If all this sounds confusing and a bit daunting please don’t stress out and forget about your dream of having a wedding in Bali – this is what we are here for and we can make all the paper work and inevitable hassles disappear. This is what we are known for and what we do best and this is why so many Australian couples turn to us when they are thinking about getting married in Bali – we look after everything: Villa accommodation for you and your guests, legalities as well as the whole wedding ceremony and party.

Just leave all the planning & hard work to our team of expert wedding planners & all you have to think about is the good times ahead!

5 Best Beaches for Your Wedding in Bali

If you have decided to have your beach wedding in Bali, finding the perfect beach for you and your fiancé to celebrate your love is vital! The team at Your Bali Wedding will assist you in finding the wedding location of your dreams. Whether you want a wedding extravaganza, an intimate traditional ceremony, or a wedding dedicated to your mutual love of the surf we’ll find it for you.

5 most popular Bali beach wedding locations:

Jimbaran Bay

The tranquility and peace of Jimbaran Bay makes it a dream location for a couple looking for the ultimate romantic wedding.

Jimbaran Bay located in the south of Bali is famously known for it’s superbly fresh seafood and chilled out holiday vibe. The area is surrounded by ancient temples, which exhibit the best of Bali’s traditional architectural skill. Some of these temples are still used for daily religious ceremonies and are a definite must see!

The white sand shoreline is dotted with tens of fresh seafood restaurants each offering a unique Balinese flavour experience. The seafood is prepared on the spot from the local fishermen’s early morning catch. You can enjoy your meal in the comfort of air-conditioning in any of the family-owned restaurants or for a full sensory delight; you can rest your feet on the softest sand whilst taking in the natural beauty of the calm crystal clear waters of Jimbaran.

The scene at the bay is ideal for your pre-wedding photo shoot. The bay is cushioned by luscious tree covered mountains and you will surely be blown away by the iconic sunset over the horizon.

Bali Villa Escapes has luxury 3 and 4 bedroom wedding villas right on the waters of Jimbaran Bay. Each villa has it’s own private pool and assistant to take care of your every need.


Many Australians fall in love with Bali because of the unbeatable surf breaks. Uluwatu is one of Bali’s most famous surfing spots. Getting into the surf at Ulu isn’t so simple but if you are an adventurous surf fanatic Uluwatu is definitely the beach for your wedding.

My first visit to Uluwatu was unforgettable. I sat down at a warung and slowly became hypnotized by the harmony of the waves, the gentle sea salt breeze and by the vision of the surfers effortlessly catching some epic breaks. The view from the top of the cliff is magnificent. Untainted open-ocean contrasted with luscious green grass covered cliff offers an idyllic tropical wedding location.

If you and your fiancé are passionate about surf sand and sun then you will love staying in one of the many fabulous villas with ocean views in Uluwatu.

uluwatu weddings in bali


Just a short motorbike ride away from Uluwatu, Balangan beach is easily accessible from the street making it more appropriate for a large wedding celebration. Balangan is surrounded by tall palm trees, mountain tops and endless green fields.

It is best known as Bali’s beginners beach with it’s many surfing schools and café’s along the sand relaxing to Bob Marley tunes. The serenity and relaxed vibe of Balangan is unique. It is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Kuta and Seminyak. Its multi-leveled walk down to the sea gives you the option of having your reception either high up on a leveled mountain-top with a magnificent view of the horizon or right on the sand where the calmly crashing waves can cool your beach loving feet.


For the couple seeking a truly intimate wedding with just a handful of loved ones; Bingin beach is one of Bali’s best-kept secrets.

This discreet beach is not over-crowded with tourists cafes or surfing schools; meaning that all you can hear is the clear blue waves crashing on the sand. Bingin is located in the more rural ‘country-side’ of Bali. On the drive there, you will have the pleasure of sharing the road with many cute and adorable farm animals roaming around the winding streets and many sleepy dogs taking a midday nap underneath the palm trees.

wedding at bingin beach bali


Dreamland Beach is a great wedding location for a couple who loves the non-stop energy of Kuta but also desires a tropical pearly white sand overtone. Dreamland Beach on Bali’s southern coast has recently been dubbed New Kuta Beach. Dreamland has been growing in popularity for surfers and pleasure seekers flocking to Bali in recent years. Dreamland boasts an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and day spas ensuring you’ll be able to get the best pre-wedding treatments you deserve. Like many beaches along the southern coast you’ll be able to find that perfect Balinese mix of surf and open green fields.

dreamland beach wedding bali

We have focused here on the southern part of the island in the Bukit area but we can also organise beach weddings for you in other really popular tourist areas like Seminyak, Canggu as well as Legian which  also have gorgeous beaches with their own special ambiance. These are really very popular beaches due to the proximity of many hotels and villas so you will have to book well in advance.

Also take note of the time of the year as some beaches on the west coast of Bali will get very wet during the rainy season which is not ideal for a beach wedding. The rainy season in Bali is between November and February so if your planning a beach wedding during these months you should probably be having it on the drier East Coast; on the Sanur side.

Seminyak & Canggu

We are adding 2 more beaches here to our collection; Seminyak & Canggu. These are extremely popular areas in Southern Bali and are basically the tourist hubs. Having your wedding on either Seminyak or Canggu beach is fabulous due mainly to the great sunset photo opportunities. And if like most other travellers coming to Bali, your probably staying in one of our Seminyak villas. This means you and your guests do not have far to travel to get to the wedding ceremony and the after party if held at the villa is a short drive away.

canggu beach weddings


Looking for Bali’s Best Wedding Planner for Your Destination Wedding?

The growing trend of the ‘destination weddings’ in Bali seems ideal for the most romantic and heavenly day of your life. However, couples that try to plan their own destination wedding are often caught out by unexpected planning surprises and blow out costs that easily overtake the happiness and excitement of organising their magical day. Basically, things go very pear shaped!

Our days in event planning in some of Seminyak’s most popular venues saw us cross paths with brides and grooms from Australia, struggling to collaborate with local suppliers to get everything together.

This is where our team saw a growing need to create affordable wedding packages for Australian couples wanting to get married in Bali. The main barriers we discovered for these couples were finding trusted top quality local suppliers, keeping to their budget and not loosing those fine details in translation. Far far too many Australian couples were getting burnt in Bali by unscrupulous wedding planners.

And so Your Bali Wedding was born.

Our vision was clear; to make the lead up to the wedding as enjoyable and memorable as the day itself.

So how do we do this? How do we drain the wedding planning strain?

We have long established relationship with the islands top quality local suppliers, musicians, caterers, photographers, dress makers, bakers, to the most exclusive private villas. This means we will be able to customise every aspect of the wedding to see your dreams come true – at the best price!

Before you arrive in Bali you will be able to organise unlimited Skype and phone call appointments with your wedding planner to discuss your ideas so we can create a unique style and concept for your wedding.

You will be amazed with how Your Bali Wedding can create a personalised romantic ambience with the finest flowers, linen, remarkable centrepieces, atmospheric lighting, lanterns, screens, lounges and many more pieces.

Once you get here you’ll have continued unlimited face 2 face appointments with your wedding planner as needed.

We completely coordinate and manage all contracts, bookings, deposits and balance payments for venues and chosen suppliers. This means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where to get your next traditional Balinese massage.

We want to create a wedding that uniquely represents you and your fiancé as a couple. Whether you are after a beach side wedding overlooking the crystal clear water crashing onto soft white sand or a ceremony incorporating the ancient traditions of the island into your contemporary reception, no dream is too big. We will personally help you find the right venue and organise site tours as needed. We will also help you find the right area in Bali for your wedding. Do you prefer a Seminyak or Canggu location for your wedding or would you like to be near Jimbaran or Uluwatu. Locations are really vital and we will definitely be able to help you decide on the best location.

We fully appreciate the importance of keeping within your budget. This is why we will keep you constantly in the loop with detailed costing so you can track the financials along the way. If there are any changes to the plan we can easily re-evaluate things for you staying within the budget. We have the most state-of-the-art online wedding platform which means you can see everything we are doing, all costs and the entire wedding planning process online in real time.

From our experience the most pain staking process of wedding planning is figuring out where to seat all of your friends and family. You surely do not want to offend anyone, even the most distant of relatives that your mother forced you to invite. Being in the wedding planning industry for over a decade has given us insight into how to make all your guests comfortable and happy on the day. We assist with all aspects of floor plans and seating arrangements along the way.

On the day itself you will be able to sit back and relax while we supervise the set-up of the ceremony and reception ensuring everything unfolds according to plan from “I do” to your first dance as a married couple and enjoy the rest of Your Bali Wedding!