Garden or beach wedding in Bali? Read this…

I think we can all agree that having a wedding in Bali is a great idea and something that you’ll cherish forever. But the question here is, where are you going to have your wedding; in a garden or by the beach? Both are sensational but they both come with their pros and cons.

So following should help you decide on where to have your wedding; garden or beach.

Advantages of a beach wedding in Bali

– nothing beats the back drop of the ocean for a wedding. Being on the beach with the waves crashing in the back ground is pure wedding bliss.

– the beach makes a great location for your wedding photos especially in Bali where the sunsets on the west coast are so gorgeous. Having the wedding ceremony just before sunset is what most people go for to be followed by the MUST HAVE sunset photos as the back drop.

– there are many fabulous wedding villas on the beach or on the cliff face that serve as the ultimate place to have your wedding. Everyone loves being at a villa where they can see the ocean or the beach so it makes perfect sense to have your wedding here at any of these sensational beach villas.

beach weddings bali

These are our favourite beach wedding villas:

Villa Shalimar in Canggu

Villa Bale Agung in Uluwatu

Villa Karang Saujana in Uluwatu

Morabito Art Villa in Canggu

Khayangan Estate in Uluwatu

Villa Atas Ombak in Seminyak

– There are also lots of villas where you and your guests can stay that are really close to these beach villas which cuts down on travel time and makes everything just so convenient. Beach villa make the perfect honeymoon as well.

– there’s a very casual ambiance about having a beach wedding. It’s very informal which is what you want. It get’s the guests in the mood to celebrate and enjoy the whole experience.

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Disadvantages of a beach wedding in Bali

– you have to take all the weather factors into account. Beach weddings, especially in the afternoon can get windy sometimes. Also, if it rains then you have to take everything indoors. Plus there are also tides to consider. Most of the weddings will be by the beach in the safety of your villa confines so this will eliminate most of these weather issues. Tarps & coverings will protect guests.

– the Bali sun can get extremely hot and standing by the beach for over an hour can be too much. This is why you need to have the ceremony in the late afternoon when the heat is less intense.

– you may not have all the privacy you want as the beach is a public space. While most people walking past will be respectful you need to be aware that it’s not completely private.

– in Bali, some beaches will have rules that you need to adhere to as set out by the local Banjar. Your wedding planner will have these sorted for you. But, Bali has many religious ceremonies by the beach so yours should not clash with theirs.

– the flowers can wilt in the hot sun – this is why you need to have a wedding planner that can arrange this quickly so the flowers remain fresh.

Advantages of a garden wedding in Bali

– all of the gardens in our wedding villas are lush, tropical and extremely well maintained. Those gorgeous tropical Balinese plants and flowers make the ideal wedding setting, especially with our own range of wedding flowers added to the mix.

– garden weddings in villas are very private and quiet. Once you and the wedding party are in the villa you are completely blocked off from most outside noise.

– if there are any issues with the weather such as rain or wind, the ceremony can be moved inside or under a marquee to block out the elements.

– the outdoor setting for a garden make the best photos. With most Balinese gardens your seeing nature at it’s very best!

– garden weddings in villas can cater for loads of guests. So if you planning to have more than 30 people then a garden venue is perfect.

– once your finished with the ceremony you can easily move onto the festivities as the wedding tables are all there in the garden. Crank up the music, put your dancing shoes on, have a cold glass of champagne, enjoy the speeches all in the privacy of the garden.

– guests can either stay in the garden villa for a few days or there are villas nearby our wedding garden villas that are perfect for your Bali honeymoon or holiday. This can all be arranged really easily!

garden weddings bali

Following are a few of our favourite garden wedding villas

Villa Eden in Canggu

Villa Lataliana in Seminyak

Disadvantages of a garden wedding in Bali

– the weather can be an issue especially if it’s pouring rain in the wet season.

– moving on from the above point, if the ground is soggy then shoes can get muddy. For those in high heels it can be a disaster. Not to mention those dresses getting dirty.

So where to from here?

If your wanting to have you wedding in Bali and can’t make up your mind on which to choose; beach or garden, get in touch with us at Your Bali Wedding and well be able to give you constructive answers to all your questions in plain English.

Best Bali Wedding Venues on the Beach

If your planning on coming to Bali and having a wedding on the beach then following is a list of the best wedding venues on the beach. These wedding venues are right on the beach which makes the perfect setting for your wedding. Nothing beats having your wedding ceremony on a quiet beach just as the sun sets.

Villa Atas Ombak in Seminyak

With 100 metres of beach front in the vert popular area of Seminyak; Villa Atas Ombak is a one of the most popular wedding villas on the beach. It’s close to t he airport, has 5 bedrooms, can accommodate up to 200 – 300 guests quite comfortably and is staffed by a team of wedding professionals who have seen countless weddings  the villa. If your wanting to close to Seminyak’s popular attractions and close to loads of shops then this would have to be one of the best wedding venues.

villa atas ombak - bali wedding villas on the beach

Best Bali Wedding Venues on the Beach - villa atas ombak

Best Bali Wedding Venues on the Beach - villa atas ombak

Best Bali Wedding Venues on the Beach - villa atas ombak

Morabito Art Villa in Canggu

Morabito Art Villa is an fabulous beachfront wedding villa with 14 spacious and very modern bedrooms. To add to this it has it’s own private beach which sets the tone for an unforgettable wedding venue.The villa has stunning white tones and fuses contemporary and traditional design easily. The French owner Pascal Morabito  is known for his eclectic designs and passion for creating jewellery,  perfumes and so many more things; including this wonderful villa where he has certainly left his mark. There is ample space for everyone and with it’s prime beach front location, this has got to be on your must see list for your wedding in Bali. For more information about Villa Morabito Art click on the link.

Located in Canggu the villa is in a fashionable and trendy area with lots of great cafes and emerging restaurants that have become famous throughout Bali.

Villa Morabito Art in Canggu weddign villas on the beach bali

best bali wedding beach villas - Morabito Art Villa in Canggu

best bali wedding beach villas - Morabito Art Villa in Canggu

Arnalaya Beach House in Canggu

Beachfront estate with one of the best infinity swimming pools you will ever see. It’s in a prime Canggu location within walking distance to Jalan Batu Bolong and all those fabulous cafes. It’s also right on the gorgeous black volcanic sands on Canggu beach which makes a dramatic backdrop and venue for any wedding ceremony. It can accommodate up to 200 guests and if your planning to stay at the villa for a few days after the event with your friends or family there is a tennis court, gym, spa and 5 incredibly modern bedrooms all with their own private en suites.

If your thinking about having your wedding at this wedding venue you can inquire here

best bali wedding beach villas - arnalaya beach house

best bali wedding beach villas - arnalaya beach house

best bali wedding beach villas - arnalaya beach house

Taman Ahimsa in Canggu

Taman Ahimsa is one of those sensational beachfront villas that will immediately take your breath away. It’s located in the Seseh beach area which puts it about 15 minutes from Canggu central for those of you that love to shop and hand in the latest cafes. But, why would you want to leave this villa when the facilities and the seven bedrooms are all 5 star. Yo have a swimming pool over looking the tranquil beach which will be the focal point of your wedding. This is the one of the best villas in Canggu for a wedding so make sure you get in touch with us at Your Bali Wedding to go over the whole ceremony and perhaps a few days luxuriating  here after the special day.

best bali wedding villas on the beach - villa taman ahimsa

best bali wedding villas on the beach - villa taman ahimsa

Shalimar Villas in Canggu

Surrounded by rice fields, peaceful Balinese villages and of course with a commanding position right on the beach Shalimar Villas is known as one of the premium beach wedding venues in Bali. The estate has 12, 6, 4 & 2 bedroom villas so it can accommodate different sized weddings. The entire estate and all villas have been completely renovated back in 2016 so you can be assured that the whole place is modern, clean and as you would want for your wedding; absolutely gorgeous.

There is a sense of the tropics here with clean, contemporary architecture, extensive open plan living areas with plenty of light and room for all guests privacy. With the lulling sound of the waves, the magnificent garden areas and the sweet smelling frangipani tress this will be one of the best decisions you will make for your wedding day

A huge advantage of having your wedding here is that you are in the really trendy Canggu area so there is always something to see and do for your guests and family after the event.

Shalimar villas in Canggu weddign villas on the beach bali

Villa Pushpapuri in Sanur

Located in the peaceful seaside area of Sanur this beach front villa is one of the best wedding villas in Sanur. It’s sensational beach location isn’t the only fabulous feature. It has sensational amenities and it’s well manicured gardens and inviting swimming pool make the ideal back drop to say your wedding vows. With 4 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools and ample space for up to 100 guests, Villa Pushpapri should be high on your must visit list if your planning a beach wedding in Bali. To see more information click here.

best bali beach wedding villas - villa pushpapuri sanur

best bali beach wedding villas - villa pushpapuri sanur

If you would like to see other Bali wedding venues please browse this website or contact our head Bali wedding planner. Or if you would like to see some of our beach wedding packages please use this website or contact our wedding team.

Beach Weddings in Bali – what you need to know

Planning your beach wedding in Bali is not a matter of rocking up to the beach and having your guests, celebrant and wedding planner all there ready to go. It doesn’t work like that and following are some useful tips for planning and having the perfect beach wedding on this fantastic island.

The most important thing you can do is to engage the services of a wedding planner. They are going to be able to handle all the paper work and planning that goes into a beach wedding. Now, I know that we are wedding planners and this is kind of giving us a free plug, but it is insanity to even think about getting married in Bali or a destination wedding in Bali without a planner holding your hand every step of the way. There are simply far too many pit falls and issues that can unexpectedly pop up. You wedding organiser will mitigate these well in advance. Remember this is all about having fun so please, what ever you do, don’t do this by yourself. You will and we can promise you this, end up in trouble.

If your thinking about having your wedding anywhere between Nov and March note that this is the rainy season and tropical down pours DO happen every day. Last thing you want is those grey, stormy rain clouds appearing right before you are about to hit the beach. Your going to get absolutely soaked so just be prepared for a contingency plan like having a waterproof marquee set up. These storms can last either minutes or hours but you need to be aware of this.

You will need permission from the local Banjar (almost similar to a council – what we have back home here in Australia) to use their part of the beach area. This will involve paying a fee which must be organised by your planner. There’s no way you can do this yourself. I mean, who do you know to contact and how do you know they are the right people. These are the small hiccups that can bring a holt to your wedding ceremony.

Standing on the beach during the ceremony can be exhausting especially during the middle of the day when it can get unbearably hot and very humid. You are going to be sweating constantly which is very uncomfortable. Best time for your wedding is at sunset when the heat is a bit more manageable. Plus you get to witness those fabulous sunsets especially if your on the west side of Bali: Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Canggu etc etc.

Getting to the beach on time can be a real pain especially if you are staying far away from the beach. Balinese traffic (especially in the southern and most popular part of the island) is at most times completely gridlocked so be prepared to give yourself plenty of time and I really mean this! Let’s say for example you are staying in a hotel or villa in Canggu and your wedding in on Seminyak Beach. The distance between these 2 places is not great but the road connecting these 2 areas especially at sunset time is 1 huge traffic jam – you are going to need at least 90 min to travel a couple of kilometres at this time. Last thing you want is to be stressing out in a notorious Seminyak traffic jam. You will need to tell your guests about this point especially if they are coming from other parts of Bali which may be some distance away.

Hope this all helps but as recommended if you do need help organising your beach wedding please get in touch with the team today.

5 Best Beaches for Your Wedding in Bali

If you have decided to have your beach wedding in Bali, finding the perfect beach for you and your fiancé to celebrate your love is vital! The team at Your Bali Wedding will assist you in finding the wedding location of your dreams. Whether you want a wedding extravaganza, an intimate traditional ceremony, or a wedding dedicated to your mutual love of the surf we’ll find it for you.

5 most popular Bali beach wedding locations:

Jimbaran Bay

The tranquility and peace of Jimbaran Bay makes it a dream location for a couple looking for the ultimate romantic wedding.

Jimbaran Bay located in the south of Bali is famously known for it’s superbly fresh seafood and chilled out holiday vibe. The area is surrounded by ancient temples, which exhibit the best of Bali’s traditional architectural skill. Some of these temples are still used for daily religious ceremonies and are a definite must see!

The white sand shoreline is dotted with tens of fresh seafood restaurants each offering a unique Balinese flavour experience. The seafood is prepared on the spot from the local fishermen’s early morning catch. You can enjoy your meal in the comfort of air-conditioning in any of the family-owned restaurants or for a full sensory delight; you can rest your feet on the softest sand whilst taking in the natural beauty of the calm crystal clear waters of Jimbaran.

The scene at the bay is ideal for your pre-wedding photo shoot. The bay is cushioned by luscious tree covered mountains and you will surely be blown away by the iconic sunset over the horizon.

Bali Villa Escapes has luxury 3 and 4 bedroom wedding villas right on the waters of Jimbaran Bay. Each villa has it’s own private pool and assistant to take care of your every need.


Many Australians fall in love with Bali because of the unbeatable surf breaks. Uluwatu is one of Bali’s most famous surfing spots. Getting into the surf at Ulu isn’t so simple but if you are an adventurous surf fanatic Uluwatu is definitely the beach for your wedding.

My first visit to Uluwatu was unforgettable. I sat down at a warung and slowly became hypnotized by the harmony of the waves, the gentle sea salt breeze and by the vision of the surfers effortlessly catching some epic breaks. The view from the top of the cliff is magnificent. Untainted open-ocean contrasted with luscious green grass covered cliff offers an idyllic tropical wedding location.

If you and your fiancé are passionate about surf sand and sun then you will love staying in one of the many fabulous villas with ocean views in Uluwatu.

uluwatu weddings in bali


Just a short motorbike ride away from Uluwatu, Balangan beach is easily accessible from the street making it more appropriate for a large wedding celebration. Balangan is surrounded by tall palm trees, mountain tops and endless green fields.

It is best known as Bali’s beginners beach with it’s many surfing schools and café’s along the sand relaxing to Bob Marley tunes. The serenity and relaxed vibe of Balangan is unique. It is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Kuta and Seminyak. Its multi-leveled walk down to the sea gives you the option of having your reception either high up on a leveled mountain-top with a magnificent view of the horizon or right on the sand where the calmly crashing waves can cool your beach loving feet.


For the couple seeking a truly intimate wedding with just a handful of loved ones; Bingin beach is one of Bali’s best-kept secrets.

This discreet beach is not over-crowded with tourists cafes or surfing schools; meaning that all you can hear is the clear blue waves crashing on the sand. Bingin is located in the more rural ‘country-side’ of Bali. On the drive there, you will have the pleasure of sharing the road with many cute and adorable farm animals roaming around the winding streets and many sleepy dogs taking a midday nap underneath the palm trees.

wedding at bingin beach bali


Dreamland Beach is a great wedding location for a couple who loves the non-stop energy of Kuta but also desires a tropical pearly white sand overtone. Dreamland Beach on Bali’s southern coast has recently been dubbed New Kuta Beach. Dreamland has been growing in popularity for surfers and pleasure seekers flocking to Bali in recent years. Dreamland boasts an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and day spas ensuring you’ll be able to get the best pre-wedding treatments you deserve. Like many beaches along the southern coast you’ll be able to find that perfect Balinese mix of surf and open green fields.

dreamland beach wedding bali

We have focused here on the southern part of the island in the Bukit area but we can also organise beach weddings for you in other really popular tourist areas like Seminyak, Canggu as well as Legian which  also have gorgeous beaches with their own special ambiance. These are really very popular beaches due to the proximity of many hotels and villas so you will have to book well in advance.

Also take note of the time of the year as some beaches on the west coast of Bali will get very wet during the rainy season which is not ideal for a beach wedding. The rainy season in Bali is between November and February so if your planning a beach wedding during these months you should probably be having it on the drier East Coast; on the Sanur side.

Seminyak & Canggu

We are adding 2 more beaches here to our collection; Seminyak & Canggu. These are extremely popular areas in Southern Bali and are basically the tourist hubs. Having your wedding on either Seminyak or Canggu beach is fabulous due mainly to the great sunset photo opportunities. And if like most other travellers coming to Bali, your probably staying in one of our Seminyak villas. This means you and your guests do not have far to travel to get to the wedding ceremony and the after party if held at the villa is a short drive away.

canggu beach weddings